5/1/2016, by Spenco

Spenco offers reward for participation in National Physical Fitness and Sports Month

New video helps educate fitness-seekers on foot care

WACO, Texas (May 2, 2016) – In honor of National Physical Fitness and Sports Month in May, Spenco Medical Corporation will offer an incentive to people who share their fitness journey on social media.

The foot care company, which specializes in high quality insoles, footwear and premium first aid products, will award a $100 product voucher each week during May to one winner.

"Whether the goal is to get faster, stronger or just healthier, we encourage people to share their struggles and victories with the fitness community,” said Jeff Antonioli, Spenco’s vice president of sales and marketing. "Research shows that having a supportive community can boost fitness success, and we invite anyone from the beginner to the elite athlete into our tent.”

To enter, use the hashtag #SpencoJourney and post a photo, video or written statement to share your fitness journey and inspire others. Platforms are Twitter (@SpencoMedical), Facebook (facebook.com/SpencoMedical), or Instagram (instagram.com/spencofootwear). Spenco will randomly select one winner from the hashtag posts in June.

The President’s Council on Fitness, Sports & Nutrition sponsors National Physical Fitness and Sports Month. During May, all adults are challenged to get 30 minutes of physical activity every day.

"It doesn’t matter what your journey is — it matters that your journey is now,” Antonioli said. "We believe keeping your feet healthy and comfortable is one of the ways to help you achieve your fitness goals.”
Spenco has produced a new video to help support awareness of foot care. It includes animation of the foot’s anatomy and its motion during physical activity.

Entries for #SpencoJourney begin May 1 and end May 31 at midnight Central time. To learn more about Spenco and its products, visit spenco.com.

Watch our new video!

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