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Catalog No.: 39-721
Rigid Arch Support Designed for Demanding Training
Incorporates Spenco® TOTAL SUPPORT® Technology and the patent-pending 3-POD™ Modulation System. This unique combination of cushioning and stability is ideally suited to the demands of training. Unlike the disposable sock liners that come with your shoes, IRONMAN® TRAIN Replacement Insoles use better materials and technologies that cushion, stabilize and support right out of the box. The also promote a more efficient, healthier stride.

For half sizes order the next size down.
For example, if you normally wear size 10.5, order a size 10.


• 3-POD™ Modulation System: Multi-density pods piston through the flexible cradle to modulate ground forces. Stiffer red pod counters overpronation, softer blue pods guide the stride
• TOTAL SUPPORT® Footbed is the optimum interface between your foot and the ground The Shape That Feels Great™
• FACET™ Cradle and Orthotic Arch Support is rigid but lightweight
• Deep Heel Cup offers greater stability for overpronators 
• First Ray Drop Zone for more efficient toe-off and a healthy stride
• Metatarsal Dome relieves pressure on forefoot
• Technical Low-friction Topcloth with foot-cooling technology. Reduces friction that can cause blisters
• Segmented Forefoot Crash Pad absorbs impact
• Silpure Antimicrobial helps reduce odor
• One-year unconditional guarantee 

Wes Tex 1 years ago

These are the best insoles that I've purchased to date. I bought them because the rigid arch support helps me to maintain the correct posture when walking and training at the gym. I'll be purchasing more insoles in the future.

Ultraleap 1 years ago

I ran part of Tahoe 200 with these. I switched from a pair of ultra-cushioned shoes (Hokas) to a pair of more aggressive shoes (Saucony Peregrine) but with these in. The new combo reduced my heel pain, a proof that those pods work. I just wish they had more cushioning in the front. For the price I pretend perfection!

Rodney 1 years ago

I didn't realize how badly i needed these orthotics, my feet feel better already.

rlo 1 years ago

Pretty good insole with good longitudinal arch support. But the claimed metatarsal support is just a small bump and adds little value. I added a metatarsal insert on top and this combo works well. But for this price, I'd expect adequate metatarsal support.

Melissa 1 years ago

Ran a 50K in them yesterday without ITB/knee pain! Ortho recommended. They fit and feel much better than the running store ones. I'm a minimalist-turned-believer. Thanks Spenco for the pain-free miles, and looking forward to many more with these.

Barbie 1 years ago

The inserts were even better than I expected and even better than my custom orthotics. They made a big difference in my long runs; I am ordering more.

Hiker 2 years ago

The insoles in my hiking boots made the last 50 miles of my hiking trip much easier on my feet, ankles and knees.

WH 2 years ago

The insoles are pretty good. I suffer from heel spurs and I'm noticing some improvement in my condition, but I think I need more time to evaluate

ccola 2 years ago

excellent insoles, will buy more

geezer 2 years ago

Look to be of higher quality than the orthodics I bought from a podiatrist and for a fraction of the price. They work great in work shoes and provide good support for those of us who work on our feet.

Jim G. 2 years ago

These insoles give plenty of arch support right where it is needed, and cushions the heel strike as well. They are also rugged enough to withstand abuse. I've tried a number of different insoles; so far these are the best I've had.

Bob 2 years ago

I have plantar fascitis and also supinate but I can still run with comfort and I don't have any issue with them. I also use the "ironman race" one for ironman 70.3 and it works just as great. Great product if you have foot issues like me.

John Smith 2 years ago

These are not just a piece of cheap foam. The arch support is wonderful. These even make your slippers more comfortable. The foundation is made of hard plastic which keeps the device in place with a soft upper pad molded together to create an amazing device to releive your foot and leg pain. Thank You Spenco!

Graylin 3 years ago

Some cheap boots ruined my arches. My doctor recommended I try some over the counter insole inserts to support my fallen arches. The Ironman Train have been working great in my sneakers! No more painful arches!

Arnold 3 years ago

Since early summer I've been wearing Spenco insoles in running and casual shoes as recommended by the podiatrist. Love them. The podiatrist is pleased by the results, noting reduced lower leg swelling, and a better stride without over-pronating.

torikitty 3 years ago

John 3 years ago

As an automotive mechanic I am on my feet all day. These work great for me. My feet do not throb anymore at the end of the day. Would definitely recommend.

isabelle 3 years ago

What a find!!! Recommended by the podiatrist and it has given me plenty of relief.

GDispa 3 years ago

6'3''. 210 pounds. long distance runner, work standing up most of the time. Had to stop running for months because of acute pain in the arch of my flat feet. First day i try them pain diminish. 1 week later started running again. great insoles.

gino 3 years ago

Recommended by my orthopedist, they alleviated all my pain.

gino savina 3 years ago

These insoles were recommended to me by my Orthopedist. They are very comfortable, and alleviated all the discomfort I was experiencing in the bottom of my feet!! Great product.

RareBird 3 years ago

After using this product for weeks I'm very pleased wit this purchase. With the volume of miles I log a week I needed an insole that was durable and wouldn't break down. This insole is exactly that. No feet pain and very short break in period.

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