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PolySorb® Cross Trainer

  • $19.99

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 Catalog No.:    38-034

Best Combination of Shock Absorption & Energy Return
Polysorb® Cushioning Insoles provide the best combination of shock absorption and energy-return. This powerful duo works together to provide lasting comfort, help prevent injury and relieve foot pain. Our proven cushioning and support improves athletic performance and prolongs the life of your shoes.  Ideal for running, walking training and sports.

For half sizes order the next size down.
For example, if you normally wear size 10.5, order a size 10.


• SpenCore® Material Heel and SBR Forefoot Pad
• Lightweight PolySorb® Arch and Heel Support
• Heel-to-toe Cushioning
• First Ray Drop Zone
• Technical Topcloth
• Silpure antimicrobial

cross trainer guy 1 months ago

Simply put, the best. I have been buying these insoles for years. They keep my feet comfortable during anything I do for activity and I have not been bothered by the heel spurs I used to get before I bought the PolySorb Cross Trainer Insoles.

Skurthe 1 months ago

I bought these inserts because of a recommendation from my physical therapist and i love them. The only issue is that i bought a second pair for my work shoes and i feel like the style/ amount of insole changed. Other than that, I am very satisfied with them!

Diana Diaz 2 months ago

I have had planters fasciitis for well over 1year, I was told to buy the spenco cross trainer support, aside from the regular trearment, I have virtually no pain in my foot, these supports are a God send I thought I would never have relief. These are the best!!!

Sandy 2 months ago

I didn't buy these for myself, I purchased them for my 4ft7in 80 year old mother!! (size 0 insole) She has suffered from plantar facisitis for over 2 decades and purchased a multitude of expensive custom made orthotics . Last year I convinced her to change podiatrist, Viola! hands her Spenco Crossfit Insoles. Now less frequent bouts of foot pain, and no more expensive orthotic. Much Thanks

Wally 2 months ago

I'm so thankful my doctor recommended PolySorb Cross Trainers. My feet are now pain free. I don't leave home without them.

gene pelfrey 5 months ago

comfortable, durable... what I paid for

Charles White 6 months ago

My podiatrist recommended using the Polysorb Cross trainer inserts in my New Balance walking shoes. I tried them and the results were so good that I now use them in all of my walking and hiking shoes 6 months ago

Very happy with the way these are improving my foot pain.

kurth88 6 months ago

I was recommended this product by my physical therapist and I really love it. I feel that it helps correct my posture and arch. Easy process to buy and ship and I received the product quickly.

Bpappachan 7 months ago

I am a nurse and I am on my feet 12 hours a day or more. I finally have relief from the tired and achy feet and legs. I also got a pair for my s.o. and he loves them as well.

bill 9 months ago

replaced insoles in 5 of my running shoes with these inserts...better cushioning, more comfort, excellent product. 9 months ago

I am just an old guy that has been using these for a long time. i'm out and about instead of at home with crippling painful feet.

Multiyearuser 9 months ago

Always worth every penny.

Kay 10 months ago

Even thought I purchased good shoes for my gym class my heel was still hurting by the end of class. I replaced the original insoles with this Spenco insole and now have no more heel pain from my plantar fasciitis! The insoles fit and feel great!

Dorothy 12 months ago

I've had many operations on my toes and foot problems over the years. My podiatrist recommended these and they are great. My feet feel better and more comfortable to walk on. Keep up the good product/s.

Bill Epter 1 years ago

This is my 3rd set of these inserts and have not experienced an injury when using them. My first contact with Spenco was when I purchased a bike seat cover for an English racing bike...provided excellent comfort on top of the narrow leather seat. When looking for running shoes that would provide maximum comfort (over $100), I asked the sales person if there was anything I could do to further increase the shoe's cushioning. He said replace the insole with Spenco insoles. Rather than buy the shoes, I went home and ordered the insoles for about $20 and placed them in my shoes...Excellent! In fact, if I'm not using running shoes just to walk around in, I replace ALL of the insoles in ALL of my running shoes...

Up and At 'em 1 years ago

First time in a long time that I can walk comfortably for an extended period of time.

azgirl 1 years ago

cushions all areas on the bottom of the foot that might be tender. Has a nice arch support and cupped heel. Next best thing to the Spencon Total support insole that I use for my Plantar Faciitis

dr 2 years ago

the cross trainers have given me very good cushioning in my heels. Even after playing tennis, my feet/heels are not sore and tender. I wear the cross trainer in my work shoes as well. These are a very supportive product.

no more sore foot 2 years ago

I had suffered from such bad heal pain that each day was nothing but a torture. I had special orthotics made but the pain did not go away. I changed podiatrist and he suggested I try the Spenco Cross Trainer and so I did. In less than two weeks the pain was gone. I truly can not imagine living with out this product and i'm grateful every day I put my shoes on!

jsabor 2 years ago

Excellent product, repeat user!

Wally 2 years ago

I have Dupuytren's Contracture, a condition that contracts "cords" in my feet, making it painful to walk on anything firm. The PolySorb Cross Trainer inserts allow me to wear shoes pain free. I'm so happy they were recommended by my doctor.

Mark 2 years ago

My podiatrist recommended these inserts to limit the formation of painful calluses on the bottoms of my feet. They fit nicely in my FootJoy DryJoy golf shoes when the factory inserts are removed. So far I like the feel of the inserts.

George 2 years ago

I purchased 3 pairs of Spenco Inserts for my shoes about 1 month ago. They have worked great. I have a bunion on the right side of my right foot, and the Inserts have relieved the pain so now I can walk and exercise with ease. Try them, they're great.

Cesar 2 years ago

Very good quality products!!!..I ve bee using Spenco sice 25 years ...Best Insoles yu can find!!

Montgomery, IL 2 years ago

They're great!

gjmoran 2 years ago

havent had them very long but they seem to be very good os far. incredible heel cushion

Susan 2 years ago

I just wanted to tell you what an awesome insole you make. I work for Home Depot and I am on my feet on a concrete floor for 10 hrs. I've gotten $200 orthotics but I always take them out and go back to your insoles. Way to go. A product I can trust.

twiggied 2 years ago

The only complaint I have is that I could not order them in my exact size but other than that they are great! Thank you Spenco!

TerryFranklin29 2 years ago

I would recommend this product for individuals who need more support than typically comes in shoes.

Nancy 2 years ago

I wear the PolySorb Cross Trainer inserts in all my shoes. After trying other brands and types of varying costs, I have found these are by far the best and most comfortable inserts. They are reasonably priced and never seem to wear out.

azcurry 2 years ago

I have been using your insole for many years now. I have liked it since day one buying from Footlocker. Thank you for providing such a great item.

greg 2 years ago

I tell EVERYONE to use Spenco [ 28 Boston Marathons ]

Babs 2 years ago

I jazzercise three times a week and sometimes I have problems with my legs. My physician recommended the Spenco Cross Trainer and it provides additional cushioning and makes my exercise more enjoyable.

judy 3 years ago

My doctor recommended these insoles because he said I have boney feet. They work great!

Daisydo 3 years ago

These cross trainer innersoles really make a difference. Recommended by my podiatrist and I'm glad he did.

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