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Thinsole® Orthotics 3/4 Length

  • $29.99

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Catalog No.: 43-240

Ultra-Thin, Firm Support Insole
Helps relieve arch pain, improves gait, balance and stability. Increase wear-time daily as you adapt to a new level of support. 

For half sizes order the next size down.
For example, if you normally wear size 10.5, order a size 10.


• Ultra-thin Moldable Orthotic Cradle
• 3/4-length SpenCore® Material
• Technical Topcloth
• Silpure Antimicrobial

Judy Vitale 22 days ago

The Thinsole Orthotics were recommended by my Podiatrist. I could not find them at 1 months ago

These insoles are very comfortable & I can really feel the difference in the support of my arch & feet. I really recommend the online ordering to get exactly what's recommend for your feet.

Kini 7 months ago

My feet feel better than they did before my thinsoles. I wear them everyday and they are very comfortable. I would recommend then to anyone who struggles with tendonitis.

captaintom 7 months ago

Have used the Spenco insoles for 20 years. I'm embarrassed to admit how long I go before replacing them with new ones - but they do last. The new pair works great and my feet are happy again. Capt Tom

CBUCHANAN 8 months ago

My doctor diagnosed plantar facsiatis in my right foot. I noticed an improvement right away as long as I had the insert in my shoe. Great product.

Long Time User Tim 9 months ago

I've used these insoles for twenty five years or thereabouts. I used to have painful heels and arches and these insoles solved my problem completely. I use them in all my shoes and even my slippers. Thank you Spenco.

Naturalist 11 months ago

I've used the full-length arch supports before and I needed more. These 3/4 length ones are good for shoes that are narrower, like dress shoes or any shoes that don't have a lot of room inside. I really like these too! My left foot has the real arch problem, and these take away my ankle and arch pain.

SpencoFan 12 months ago

My podiatrist recommended these inserts for my severe foot pain from bunions about 7 years ago. The pain went away in a few months and I haven't had any issues since. I never wear any shoes without these inserts! 2 years ago

With help from a customer service person, Lori Haisler, I finally found the correct orthotic I have been looking for. She knew exactly what I wanted when I explained it, since none of the orthotics of this kind were shown or mentioned in the pictures. Thanks to Lori, I found success.

Anthony 3 years ago

I use these arch supports in all shoes and boots. They are compact and don't alter the fit of the shoe too much. If you have a narrow or low volume foot, they will improve the fit of the shoe. They are not rigid and I will sometimes glue a small block of felt under the arch to give it more lift, if needed. A cost effective alternative to expensive custom made orthotics.

Joanne 3 years ago

I have been visiting my foot doc for months now, these insoles I would highly recommend to anyone. I feel so much better. They are thin when inserting into nice shoes compared to the bulky insoles.

pennyholsinger 3 years ago

My Doctor told me to wear them and I think they are Great my feet feel wonderful.

Karen 3 years ago

The thinsole orthotics have helped my foot pain 100%. I don't walk anywhere without them in my shoes. Great product.

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