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Adhesive Knit

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Catalog No.:  41-328

Helps prevent blisters. This highly breathable, durable non-woven fabric, includes a medical grade adhesive, and can stretch and conform to protect against rubbing and friction. Stays in place while sweating or bathing. (Latex free)


6 - 3” x 5” (76mm x 127mm) sheets

Barry Doyle 2 years ago

This fabric bends and forms to fit your body however you like. If you need it to cover your big toe, it does it! Same with your little finger. It really is great. Put some first Aid cream on your cut/burn/ whatever, Then cut some of this Adhesive Knit to cover it and away you go for a day or more!

maureen 2 years ago

The adhesive knit is great protection against a blister forming, if I have a shoe that is starting to irritate I make sure to use the knit right away. Unlike other similar products that are thick and cause other foot irritations the Spenco knit is thin and stays in place and allows the sore area to heal. Can't live without it!

Beck 3 years ago

It's great for friction control. I have psoriasis and it helps with irritation. You used to make a product called Spyroplex...it worked even better. Sure would be great if you'll brought that product back.

Heather 3 years ago

I ride a lot and use these to help prevent blisters. Works wonderful.

Mike 4 years ago

great product stays on until you take it off

Judi 4 years ago

Forget bandaids--this kit will save you when you use with the aqua heal

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