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Total Support® Max

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Catalog No.: 46-210

Rigid Orthotic Arch Support for Stability
All the features of our Total Support® Original but with a stiffer, more rigid arch support and SpenCore® Forefoot Pad. Perfect for serious athletes needing stiffer, more rigid support.Most rigid replacement insoles offer some motion control and stability but that’s where the similarity ends: Spenco® Total Support® Insoles feature our patented 3-POD® Modulation System: By positioning pods with varying degrees of hardness beneath key areas of the foot, Total Support® Insoles change the ground forces reaching the foot during activity. This tunes the ride for increased performance and superior comfort while helping to reduce over-pronation—a common problem that causes foot, leg and back pain. Spenco® Total Support® Insoles are unconditionally guaranteed for one year.

Total Support® Technology aids in the relief of symptoms caused by Plantar Fasciitis.

The Shape That Feels Great®

For half sizes order the next size down.
For example, if you normally wear size 10.5, order a size 10.


• Deep Heel Cup
• Rigid Cradle
• First Ray Drop Zone
• Metatarsal Dome
• Technical Topcloth
• Forefoot Crash Pad

JoAn Shockley 2 months ago

theses are great and comfortable but I have already worn them out before the year is up, got them around March. Suppose to have a warranty on them, so I'll be looking into that.

Jennilynn 2 months ago

I love my new inserts, they are a foot saver!!

Pickleballer 2 months ago

Orthopedic Dr recommended the Total Support insole and after several weeks in my tennis court shoes I am pleased with the results. I plan to buy another pair.

Jj96 2 months ago

Purchased after previous inserts from another company started breaking down after a few months. So far, these have remained solid and provide good support. I'm a teacher, so I spend almost my entire workday standing.

ncmargas 2 months ago

I wanted to give these orthotics a try before having spend more on a pair at the podiatrist. Unfortunately the Spenco orthotics were too big for my shoes and didn't give my feet and ankles the support needed. I will be returning them.

TimeLord04 3 months ago

I purchased these inserts 9-6-2017, they arrived and were installed into my shoes on 9-9-2017. I've been wearing these in my New Balance, Men's Size 10 shoes. They fit perfectly, no trimming necessary. (Spenco states the Total Support Max I bought were

JCR 3 months ago

I trail run, hike, mtb and am on my feet most of the day at work. I have issues with my feet and have been using custom made orthotics for many years, which helped...for a while. My feet started to hurt again constantly despite the orthotics. A friend told me to try Spenco insoles, so I did. They really help, especially in my running shoes. Thanks Spenco!

Alberto 4 months ago

I have used other products before and more expensive. But Spenco for me was the best. Very comfortable . I'm a postman and I walk all day. Now I do not feel as much pain as before. Thank you so much Spenco. Definitely going to buy again.

Hardworking Engineer 4 months ago

For people who have wide feet (size 9.5, width E2) and higher arches that tire easily, these orthotic supports can actually be about as good as custom ones made with supervision of the orthopedist by taking a casting of the foot at eight times the cost. I buy a size above (Insert Size 4) the recommendation based on shoe size and trim down the front around the toes to get a better fit. The padding of these inserts is on the thicker-side, and they work best in roomy work boots and casual shoes such as Irish Setter. They can also work in athletic shoes that have a looser fit. For example, I was able to fit a set of Total Support Max into New Balance 857 cross-training shoes with great results.

HaydenOB21 4 months ago

Bought them for shin splints and didn't make any difference whatsoever still have really bad shin splints and am out $60. DO. NOT. BUY. At least until they fix the design to help with shin splints.

Elijah williams 4 months ago

At first i was skeptical because i didnt think it was really worth the price but once i got them i understood more and they work very well and look forward to buying another pair

Greg 4 months ago

With increased mileage getting ready for my hiking trip, my left arch and ankle were experiencing some pain. Total Support Max has relieved my pain and I'm looking forward to hiking in Colorado for two weeks in September.

bob cat 5 months ago

This product has helped me with my plantar fasciitis problem. It gives me the support that I need. I plan to buy a second pair.

Mike 5 months ago

After a recent bout of Plantar Fasciitis, my doctor noted I had high arches and needed more arch support. He recommended Spenco inserts. The inserts I purchased neutralized the heel pain I was feeling and I am able to go trail running with my daughter again. I am a Spenco fan going forward!

se7enbirds 8 months ago

As usual, these supports live up to my expectations.

bookgirl@xmission.com 9 months ago

Recently my job changed to one that required walking almost 12 miles each day. This was a real challenge. I purchased good work shoes, but my feet really suffered. I asked my cousin, the podiatrist, what to do.

Kathy M. 9 months ago

I replaced the insoles of my work boots. My knees and hips have never felt better! I walk about 5 miles a day and stand for a couple of hours at a time on marble, asphalt and concrete. I'm comfortable and in a lot less pain.

DawgFan 10 months ago

Should have bought these a long time ago; now buying more for each pair of shoes. My feet feel so much better and have less pain.

kermitwalker 10 months ago

I have tried an over the counter product for my Planter Fasciitis, but did not get the relief I should have. I could not walk any distance without pain. I was skeptical at first, but after wearing Total Support Max I can walk without pain for I don't know how long because my foot does not bother me. Great product. KW

trarhi 10 months ago

I was sceptical at first when I ordered. I am on my feet all day and nothing seemed to work until I tried the spenco total max. My feet feel so much better. I have even ordered a pair for my husband!

Robert 10 months ago

Feet do not hurt anymore. Found out my arches had fallen and I was given on of these to try and it is worth every penny.

Jay-T 10 months ago

I am always on my feet at work and in my personal life. A co-worker recommended Spenco and I must say.. it was the best investment for myself ever! It took a few weeks for the pain in my feet to subside but now, I rarely feel any pain! In conjunction with the Total Support Insoles, I also bought the flip flop sandals which feel GLORIOUS on my feet! Thanks Spenco and now, you have a loyal customer!

Janean 11 months ago

I buy 1 pair a year and my feet NEVER hurt anymore. Thank you Spenco for a fabulous product. I even bought a pair for my friend and in 2 weeks her foot pain was reduced by half!

Donna 12 months ago

Love UGGS and warmth they provide but needed arch support to wear for the day ... Spenco's Max arch support feels great! I can wear my UGGS now for hours without my feet hurting ??

Spence Customer 12 months ago

As in the past, product was received quickly. I have used other inserts, some specifically designed for me at much more money. I am very pleased with these Spence inserts at a fraction of the cost. Highly recommend them.

Russell Morris 12 months ago

I would like a little more arch suppory {higher}

BusyMom 1 years ago

I ordered the inserts that were $50.00, in a size 8-9 mens for my son. My son's shoe size is an 8. We received the inserts and can not get them to fit into the 8 sized shoe, they are way too long.

winniesunrise@att.net 1 years ago

I have extremely high arches, I've suffered with plantar fasciitis and have had foot surgery to release the fascia in my left foot, I've tried numerous arch supports and finally found what my feet have been looking for. TOTAL SUPPORT MAX,a 10+

moschultz2347@yahoo.com 1 years ago

It is a more rigid orthopedic insert however, it does not help my pain.

Behnaum00 1 years ago

Worth every penny. Relieved my foot pain and even allowed me to do light jogging again.

Senior Fan 1 years ago

I have Achilles Tendonitis and Posterior Tibial Tendonitis and Total Support Max have provided great relief while I work on healing these injuries. They definitely have aided the healing!

alhasan.alzaabi@gmail.com 1 years ago

I bought one maybe 2 months ago and tried it for a while. now i bought another two because it felt amazing and its really supporting my feet and no pain anymore. just love it

Language Girl 1 years ago

Great product, a must-have for flat feet. Thin enough to fit in my everyday shoes I wear in my office, also fit in my fitness shoes. These support my flat feet much-much better than Total Support Original.

mdebfly@gmail.com 1 years ago

Recommended by podiatrist after other orthotics didn't work. Am now ordering some for my husband who has hip problems. Wish I had been told about these sooner! They took a little getting used to, because I have an extremely high arch, but are now very comfortable. Had to order online, because the stores in my area don't carry every insole.

Syd 1 years ago

I love the extra support at the palm of the foot but the arch could be higher for my foot

Twinsborg 1 years ago

These are great I use them in my flat loafers. I have had feet problems off and on most of my adult life. I have been to foot doctors and have had professional orthotics made. I have tried dr shoals and soft sole and many others. I got my first pair of these around 20 years ago and I still have them. I just bought 4 new pair and the old ones are almost as good as the new ones. These always get my feet back to felling pain free. Thanks, Frank

Mister T 1 years ago

I work in a paper mill storeroom and walk on average 14 miles a 12 hour shift on a concrete floor having to wear steel toed boots. Spenco support insoles have been by far the best in relieving foot pain. actually my foot doctor wrote me a prescription for Spenco insoles due to all the foot and ankle pain I was having. I wear the total support insoles in all my shoes now.

M Vollme 1 years ago

I have Mortons Neuroma in both feet. I chose these because after reading about each and every insole you carry, it seemed to be the most supportive and soft. I immediately put them in my shoes and went for a short walk. Much to my disappointment, my feet are still hurting so much that I put another insole on top of these (the pillow cushion type), and that really helped. I bought my first Spenco inserts several years ago when my feet weren't as bad, and I totally LOVED them. So, when I got these, I was hoping for the same experience. Maybe they have another style that would be better than this Total Support Max. I think this is a great company and wish that they could help me this time around.

laceys mom 1 years ago

My podiatrist had sold me a pair ,and I needed a new pair. They worked,so well,for my heel problem that I didn't want to be without them

Dawnamber.s 1 years ago

These inserts are so comfortable. I broke my foot a couple of years ago and have had issues since. These inserts allow me to walk and stand for hours without pain.

Cindy 1 years ago

Was having very serious problem with my left foot. I thought it could be an alignment problem and this has worked great to alleviate the issue. Love my Spenco

vjgrandmama@gmail.com 1 years ago

I never would have believed I'd get immediate relief, but I did! If a person has a metatarsal issue, this is the product to purchase.

Duane, from FL 1 years ago

A nice deep heel-cup, a firm arch support that has helped me so far! I appreciate the construction of the Insoles. I've bought 2 pairs, so far. Thanks.

FlatFeet82 1 years ago

My father who happens to be a physical therapist suggested I pick up a pair of these after I injured some tendons in my lower calf. The rear ankle support and stiff arch support really helped keep me from hyper-pronating and allowed my ankle/tendons to heal quickly. I wear these all day and my feet and legs have never felt better. I am thinking of getting a second pair for my indoor shoes as well.

munkey206 1 years ago

Walking 8+ miles daily. Swapping out my shoe's original insoles for Total Support Max's made a HUGE difference at the end of my job! No more foot pain!!!!

Golfer 1 years ago

Originally tried the Spenco Original. My therapist said it did not provide the support I needed. He recommended the Max. It has worked as advertised and provides me the level of support I need. Product was delivered on time. On-line discount is very nice, too.

Anthony Perrone, PT 1 years ago

I have been recommending Spenco orthotics for 5 years because of their effectiveness, durability and their prices. I decided to purchase a pair of the total support max for myself because of being dissatisfied with my custom orthotics. For someone who is fairly active, on my feet all day and have flat-feet like a walrus, they are a good buy.

JJoyner 1 years ago

I had custom made orthotics that wore out. These work just as good for heel spurs I will be buying more of these for sure!

SpenconFan2 1 years ago

So far the insoles are great. I am able to walk on my treadmill without any pain afterwards. Great support and shock absorption on the heels. I would highly recommend this product.

BeBe 1 years ago

I am so glad I found these! I now can make more walking mileage during the day without waking up the next day without achy/hurting feet or knees. Thank You!

Sandysue 1 years ago

These arch supports have brought me great relief. A significant foot surgery left me with a plate in my foot at the base of my arch, causing a completely pronated foot. As time has gone by, this condition has gotten worse so I have gotten less active, and started to gain weight. I was finally to the point of not being able to walk because of the pain in my ankle, knee, hip, and back but these arch supports made the difference. I found relief within a day or two and now want to put them in every shoe I own. They support my weight but are not so hard in the arch that they hurt my foot (my arch is very sensitive where the plate is). The only slightly negative thing I can say is that they are longer than I expected. I could barely get them into one pair of my running shoes but not into anything else. I may order a smaller size next time so they fit more shoes.

aren 1 years ago

As a physical therapist, I have been suggesting Spenco products to my patients for quite some time (my mentor first suggested them). Due to some foot pain of my own, I thought that I should become a product of the product. I have been very pleased with the Total Support Max. It gives great support to the arch and foot. I was unsure at first because it felt awkward in my shoe but after 2 days I haven't even noticed them-except that I've noticed my foot pain is improved.

Danny 2 years ago

This is my second pair of Total Support Max insoles. I was introduced to these insoles by a local runner's store salesman. These insoles help alleviate my plantar fasciitis while I exercise and allow me to exercise longer and harder. I also use the insoles in my everyday soles and they maintain my gait and alleviate pain in my knees and ankles. Great product and will continue to purchase them.

anders.tennis@gmail.com 2 years ago

Best ever, working as a tennis pro 7 days a week. Om my feet 25 hours a week....Best on the market tried everything after my 20 years in the business. Anders Lundberg

jon@craigheadassociates.com 2 years ago

Outstanding support for my daily waling regiment. Offsetting potential foot and leg problems. I walk a total of 25 miles per week. I walk seven days a week. This support system will insure a joyful experience. Thank you.

The Policeman 2 years ago

If you stand a lot and have problems with sore feet or lower back these are for you. I started using Spenco's two years ago and now all my co-workers use them to.

CJ 2 years ago

I've spent all summer recovering from a very severe ankle sprain, and my doctor recommended that I use insoles in my shoes that have firm support. After reading the product description and customer reviews, I decided to give these a try. They really help to stabilize my feet while walking my dog and during aerobics classes. They make my shoes much more comfortable to wear.

Spencofan 2 years ago

The very best insoles I have ever used. I would highly recommend this product.

rleroyw 2 years ago

Good support, less foot pain !

Spencoforlife 2 years ago

They seem to be working to keep my feet from pain. I'll be purchasing new shoes for the winter so will see how that goes too.

2 years ago

Douglas Martin 2 years ago

The Total Support Insoles Max are more comfortable than we expected. The Doctor Said To wear them starting for an hour a day and working up to wearing them all the time. Put them in my shoes the first day and wore them all day long at work. They are great.

Alejandro 2 years ago

They last a long time and have really relieved my pain. The doctor sholls inserts I got at walmart were more expensive and did not relieve my pain. A friend told me about Spenco and I decided to give them a try.

nelsbern 2 years ago

works well, but I expected more heel cushoning as per my conversation with you for plantar fasciitis.

elzorro24 2 years ago

Felt good during my work out, plus WAY cheaper than customized athletic arch supports!

Groben 2 years ago

Scott is thrilled with his support max and wants another pair, his feet have stopped hurting and he no longer feels tired. Major foot reconstruction Feb 24, 2014 at Texas Orthopedic Hospital

Paul 2 years ago

I was to get Spenco orthotics by my Podiatrist. He did specify what kind, just that he felt Spenco made the best. I called Spnco to find the right one for me, and they suggested the Total Support Max. I had to order them because most places didn't carry the Total Support max.. When the came I immediately put them in and took them for a test drive.. They were very comfy and I could fee the support.. I took my shoes off after an hour or so the let my feet relax, as I didn't want to over do it.. After that I have been wearing them in my shoes every day day!!! I love them! I plan on ordering some sandals too!

KenG 2 years ago

Tried the original Total Support because I was looking for something with metatarsal support. They worked great, but I needed more. These have provided instant relief.

kjones 2 years ago

My 13-year-old son has had problems with pain in his feet for 5 years or more due to plantar faciitis and some other problems. He wore custom orthodics that helped, but he soon outgrew them and they are expensive. I tried several other over-the-counter orthodics, and they just didn't support my son's arches like he needed. He is a very active student athlete and plays three sports. I bought the Spenco Total Support Max, and he said they're great. He stopped complaining about pain in his heels and arches even after track season started.

gbg in mi 2 years ago

He recommended your product. Felt better instantly and by the third day felt like I had no foot problems at all. I cannot believe the difference. Highly recommend the Total Support Max. What a great product!

Mister T 2 years ago

I been using the Orthotic insoles for years and wanted to try the Total Support Max. They are not as ridged as the orthotics. I'm wearing in my steel toe boots on a concrete warehouse floor walking 20 miles a day. These insoles gives me great support

rphawn 2 years ago

On my feet all day on concrete, these are life savers for my feet.

Jim 2 years ago

I suffered for nearly 2 years with plantar fasciitis. Tried all sorts of home brewed ideas to resolve the problem. I bought an expensive pair of sneakers billed as a solution for plantar fasciitis. That didn't help. A podiatrist suggested your product. A few months later, I have no pain. I bought a couple more of your inserts for my other footwear. See me smiling!

wagneretal 2 years ago

The tilt in these supports makes a big difference in my right knee, which has patellar chondromalacia.

rvdjr 2 years ago

These are great. Would definitely recommend these insoles to the bigger guy that needs more stability while walking in wide shoes.

Brad Knight 2 years ago

Total Support Max is great!

James 3 years ago

These offer great arch support that lasts. They are comfortable right out of the package. They are better than Currex soles. I like them so much, I just bought a pair for my Dad who is having problems with his feet.

Graylin 3 years ago

Some cheap boots ruined my arches. My doctor recommended I try some over the counter insole inserts to support my fallen arches. The Total Support Max have been working great in those boots! No more painful arches!

Jeff W 3 years ago

I like this product very much. I am still using my original purchase because of their commendable wear life and foot support. I use this product in all my shoes from casual to dress. Well worth the money!

GERMANTOWN 3 years ago

I bought a pair of Total Support about a month ago with great success! My feet are flat and hurt after walking little distances. After buying Total Support I am walking 4 to 5 miles 4 times a week. I ordered a second pair so I do not have to constantly change from shoe to shoe

His Dad.. 3 years ago

For the last few years, I have watched my son play a lot of sports knowing that afterwards, he would be sitting on the couch resting his heels on ice packs. It was not fun for either one of us, and he has been told that he would grow out of it. That seemed years ago, and he continued to have heel pain in both feet. We went to another Dr, and it was he that told us to try the Total Support product. Very glad he did, my son still has pain, but he has much less of it and he loves using them. He is combining the inserts and physical therapy, and we're hoping that he is finally on the road to health. He has high arches, and his growth plates have not fully matured yet -- but soon (Please!). .. Thank you, His Dad!

Footloose 3 years ago

I previously used the 3/4 arch supports and experienced the end to my foot pain. I tried a pair of the Total Support Max and they provide me with an even better level of comfort. Lightweight yet totally supportive, they are the insoles I'll use from now on.

cjhitz 3 years ago

I've been wearing the Spenco Max for a couple weeks now and I love the support they offer. I've been putting them in a pair of trainers I run in with over 500 miles on the shoes and I feel like the insoles have added new life to the shoes! Great support and cushioning!

Rob 3 years ago

I'm on my feet all day on concrete and these are the best inserts that I have found. I also have them in some of my casual shoes. Anytime I hear coworkers complain of foot pain and their inserts I am quick to recommend the 'Max' from Spenco. Thank you for a great, durable product!

Colby 3 years ago

Bought these for my 12 year old and he loves them. They have eliminated the pain in his heels and given him better balance.

John 3 years ago

I have tried many different insoles and Spenco insoles are by far the best!

Timber Tom 3 years ago

I noticed an improvement in my Plantar Fasciitis within a few days and a month later I was back on the mountain trails hiking to my heart's content!

B3@46Vkf%dgG(}2Q 3 years ago

I have had plantar fasciiis for over 2.5 years and have tied every insole I could find that was designed to provide relief. The Spenco Total Support Max is by far the best I have found.

torikitty 3 years ago

The arch isn't nearly as unforgiving as the https://www.spenco.com/product.aspx?ProdId=50&catid=20&cid=. Overall, provided good support.

Tom 3 years ago

The total support max did a great job of relieving heal pain but for my feet were not quite right. The built in arch support was not large enough for me in lift and length.

B3Vkf2Q16YLyg.^;0bB6Wam 3 years ago

I have been trying different insoles for 2 1/2 years to try to alleviate the pain from my plantar fasciitis. Out of a dozen different brands of insoles I have tried these are by far the best.

Cstoneot 3 years ago

These inserts have really been worth the money. My feet feel great when I wear them in my shoes.

smokinjoe81 3 years ago

Good solid arch support. Will buy these again. Would recommend them to people with high arches.

Kris 3 years ago

These insoles STOPPED my Plantar Fasciitis pain. Love them!

Eileen 3 years ago

This is my second pair of Total Support Max and I love them. I spent years trying different inserts and have even gone to a Doctor and spent hundreds of dollars having a pair made and these inserts are a dream come true for my feet. Thank you

drbitoff 4 years ago

Unfortunately these orthotics were too rigid for me. Put them back in the box.Hopefully I can return them.

mokee17 4 years ago

My wife and I wear them hiking and our feet do not fatigued even after a 4 hour hike. The arch support and heel cusion are awesome.

Andy 4 years ago

I have tried all of Spenco's products. If someone wants a stiff arch support, this model will do the job! I wear these in my work shoes all day. Excellent product.

paulw501 4 years ago

This is by far the best insert that I have ever tried. I have put a lot of miles on these inserts over the past couple of weeks and they feel amazing. Could not be happier with the product. Look forward to ordering another pair for my boots.

Eli6980 4 years ago

Great insoles. I was so impressed with the comfort wearing them that I purchased a second set. Feel like I can go the distance with these insoles.

andrew 4 years ago

thank you so verry much

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