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Total Support® Thin

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Catalog No.: 46-216

Semi-Flexible Orthotic Arch Support for Stability
All the features of our Total Support® Original in a thinner, ultra-light insole. TPR Gel air grid pods and forefoot pad. Perfect for low-volume or minimal running shoes.Most rigid replacement insoles offer some motion control and stability but that’s where the similarity ends: Spenco® Total Support® Insoles feature our patented 3-POD® Modulation System: By positioning pods with varying degrees of hardness beneath key areas of the foot, Total Support® Insoles change the ground forces reaching the foot during activity. This tunes the ride for increased performance and superior comfort while helping to reduce over-pronation—a common problem that causes foot, leg and back pain. Spenco® Total Support® Insoles are unconditionally guaranteed for one year.

Total Support® Technology aids in the relief of symptoms caused by Plantar Fasciitis.

The Shape That Feels Great®

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• Deep Heel Cup
• Semi-rigid Cradle
• First Ray Drop Zone
• Metatarsal Dome
• Technical Topcloth
• Forefoot Crash Pad

cvulcan 2 months ago

The arch support of the product is outstanding and eases the recovery of my broken ankle. Well made and durable product. Thanks.

Alex 3 months ago


pjcats2015@outlook.com 10 months ago

I wish this insoles had more cushion on the balls of the feet. The rest of the shoe is excellent. Any suggestions?

Donna_morgan2911@yahoo.com 12 months ago

This is my 2nd pair and I love them! I can put them in any clog or tennis shoe and get the arch support I need. I used to get lower leg cramps but with these supports I can dance and Zumba without any trouble.

pjcats2015@outlook.com 12 months ago

I just wish my sols had more cushion on the ball of my feet. The back of the shoes fits good but the ball of my feet just hurt.

RM 1 years ago

I just bought a pair of total support thin insoles to help with my Plantar Fasciatis and they are great. My feet feel much better already and I am going to buy 2 more pairs for other shoes so I don't have to keep switching them.

Lavsky@embarqmail.com 1 years ago

I like them a lot but am wondering if the Total Support Max might have better cushioning in the forefoot and more support. I have a neuroma so that's why I got the thin.

John 1 years ago

Used these to replace insoles in a pair of good shoes that fit perfectly. They replaced the old insoles without taking up too much room. Shoes are almost like new. Feel better than a custom made pair of insoles.

emrose0514@aol.com 1 years ago

Great support! Love the thin insoles. They not only fit in my athletic shoes, but boots, as well.

Chris 2 years ago

Great insoles! Very comfortable and thin enough that my shoes don't get too tight.

dseife1 2 years ago

provides excellent support at a reasonable price. accurate sizing and fits well in my shoe. When inserted my shoes squeaked and I called customer service and was told to sprinkle baby powder in the shoe and it worked perfectly; squeaking was gone!fits

AR Girl 2 years ago

I purchased these in hopes that they would provide good support in the ball of my foot. I have some pain in that area when walking. However, these did not have enough padding/support in that area to be comfortable when walking. I think that the thicker insole would have been a better purchase for my particular problem. If you have heel pain when walking they would probably be good.

Cammie 2 years ago

These did the trick. I wear them daily in my running shoes. They keep my feet from caving in. I can walk or run without pain due to osteoarthritis in a big toe. Liked them so much that I ordered a second pair.

Jac 2 years ago

I love my insoles I were them in all my shoes. I also have 2 pairs of sandals. Just wish they were not so expensive.

sue 2 years ago

They help a little with my planters fasciitis, but not as well as the shoes. For the money I paid, I'm not very satisfied.

Edie 2 years ago

My husband wanted these for his dress shoes and his summer casual shoes. He has a pair of Spenco shoes and Slippers and is very happy with these nice light weight thin insoles that can be used with all of his shoes. Very satisfied!

lefty 2 years ago

suffering from plantar fasciitis in my left foot. I play pickleball or tennis 3x per week and joined a spin class twice a week and these give me enough support to prevent the pain. I notice when I've forgotten to put the inserts in. I bought this second pair to handily keep a pair in whatever shoe I'm wearing and now that I've been wearing them constantly I have been pain free.

ips 3 years ago

terrific inserts. Spenco recommended to me from my podiatrist and they have helped keep plantar fasciitis at bay

Jeff W 3 years ago

The "Total Support Thin" is a great product as it wears well and feels great. The thin version of this product line allows me to use them in slip-on dress and casual shoes.

Carl 3 years ago

My Doctor recommended the Total Support insoles after seven weeks in a walking boot for a broken fibula. The insoles greatly relieved the pain and soreness when trying to walk in my shoe again. I plan to keep using them and buying more for all my shoes.

Happy Feet 3 years ago

The Spenco soles provide the support and stability my feet need to remain pain free. It works as well as expensive prescription orthotics. The thin version provides the same support but fits inside more shoes.

Keith Levasseur 3 years ago

I prefer the unhindered feeling of running so my go-to insole, no matter what shoes I'm wearing, is the Spenco Total Support Thin. This insole provides the cushion and support without the bulk to help me sustain hundreds of miles.

Sir Arthur 3 years ago

The statement on the package container states "Total Support ..... "The shape that feels great" IS SO TRUE. I have used Orthotic Arch Supports and they helped,but these give TOTAL SUPPORT .... thank you for making such a helpful product.

sherry 3 years ago

very happy with this product

gatogrande 3 years ago

Immediate! Relief

wilder, Idaho 3 years ago

Provides excellent arch & heel support which is much easier on my feet, legs & back. I wish I had bought the 3/4 insole. Had to cut down toe area to fit most shoes. In a few shoes, even the thins make shoe feel tight and toes go to sleep.

Allboutfeet 3 years ago

Thin with great support! My feet feel better everyday!

CynthiaF 3 years ago

Total supports are just that...comfortable and absorbs the stress on my feet.

Pamela 4 years ago

love this insole, changed my life, I can walk in comfort.

Mflowers 4 years ago

This is my second pair, love them

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