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Spenco® 2nd Skin® AquaHeal® Hydrogel Bandages are made from pure, sterile water to cool and soothe on contact. Spenco® AquaHeal® lets you watch your wound's healing progress without removing the bandage and risking exposure to bacteria. Perfect for all types of minor burns, scrapes, cuts, bites and blisters.

Item Item No. Qty. Size Type
Mixed PK 48235 3 1" x 2.2" Sterile Hydrogel Bandages
3 1.75" x 3" Sterile Hydrogel Bandages
Small 25 PK 48236 25 1" x 2.2" Sterile Hydrogel Bandages
Large 25 PK 48237 25 1.75" x 3" Sterile Hydrogel Bandages 1 years ago

These saved me on my next hike after developing blisters on my little toes. Will not leave home without them.

Barry Doyle 2 years ago

We did not have much luck using these on feet and hands or other high active use parts.

GEORGE 2 years ago

I am a double leg amputee. Used to get this product from a friend in Prosthetics at the VA. He died and I haven't had it since until I re-found you. So great! Thank you!

Matt Wilson 2 years ago

My wife has had issues with her skin in the past and she has always struggled with traditional bandages. These AquaHeal bandages are a dream come true for her. She says that they really do soothe the skin and she can see through the bandage to see when it needs to be changed. She doesn't leave home without a few of these in her purse just in case. Well done Spenco!!!

Kathy 3 years ago

Great both during and after the hike in caring for blisters!

Mark McCaslin 3 years ago

I use 2nd Skin AQUAHEAL both as a preventive and after event product. It is easy to use and packs easy for those LONG runs. I've been able to assist many other runners along the trail with my Aquaheal.

Tim 3 years ago

It can be covered with a glove or sock for overnight use on hand or foot, or any kind of bandage during active daytime use. Worth the investment before you need it, store in as air-tight-as-possible container.

GR 3 years ago

I got a bad rope burn on my thumb. This is the ONLY product that gave me soothing relief instantly. I would highly recommend to anyone. Also love that they are clear.

Judi 4 years ago

If you ever get the really bad blisters from sports, walking, running--this will save your day.

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