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GEL Heel Cups

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Catalog No.:   39-826

Cushioned Heel Comfort
Slip-resistant design, deep heel cupping and honeycomb impact protection for ultimate heel comfort.
Small/Medium fits women’s 5-8, men’s 6-7
Medium/Large fits women’s 9-12, men’s 8-15


• Dual-density TPR GEL

Delosrios95 1 years ago

They are really small, low and didn't give me any kind of support, I look forward to get at least what I payed for them.

constance 2 years ago

I have used the honeycomb gel heel cups for several years now, and they are the absolute best aid I have found to help alleviate a difference in leg length. Before Spenco, I had been to my orthopedist and my podiatrist and tried various insoles/inserts that ended in heel/foot problems. Please don't stop making the honeycomb style!

Tom Tinker 2 years ago

Upside: it's cupped and protects the edges of my heel from up-and-down friction in ways that flat insoles can't. Downside: it rotates out of position unless I stitch it to the flat insole. I'd glue it but haven't found anything that'll stick to it.

ips 3 years ago

love them, will order more in the future.

yrgram 3 years ago

These heel cups have prevented recurrence of heel spur problems.Easy, non-invasive fix!

Rose2 3 years ago

I love this product, stays in my shoe nicely-just hold the back of the insert in your shoe as you slip it on. I used the insert through 2 pairs of running shoes, then moved it to my casual shoes-makes a day at the office cushie :)

willi 3 years ago

although the heel cups add comfort, they easily sift and have to be repositioned regularly, I have a wide shoe size and that might add to the problem

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