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Catalog No.:  47-424

Spenco® 2nd Skin® Blister Pads promote a scab free, naturally healed blister. A thin, sterile hydrocolloid pad and adhesive film stays in place up to 5 days. (Latex free)

5 - 1.5” x 2.4” Sterile Pads

D. Creekmur 3 years ago

There are only 5 skin blister pads in the package, but they are worth the price. You can wear your boots, gloves, or whatever over them with no pain. And best of all, the tops are clear allowing you to watch the blister healing

Trey 3 years ago

Good for hockey blisters. Yep. They went away. And um. I'd buy em again. Sure would. Yep. I would. Truth.

janie 3 years ago

Since then I have taken up hiking, and never leave home without some Spenco blister pads in my pack. They work wonders on sore feet--even the worst blisters.

Kayl 3 years ago

I got blisters when I would x-country ski and within an hour I had to quit. Moleskin didn't work, double socks didn't work, duct tape didn't work. The blisters came. But I could put the blister pads on over my blisters and ski the next day!

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