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PolySorb® Heavy Duty

  • $19.99

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 Catalog No.:      37-816

Maximum Comfort—All Day Long!
Proven cushioning and support for standing or walking on hard surfaces. Ideal for work shoes or boots. 

For half sizes order the next size down.
For example, if you normally wear size 10.5, order a size 10.



• SpenCore® Material Heel and SBR Forefoot Pad
• Lightweight PolySorb® Arch and Heel Support
• Heel-to-toe Cushioning
• First Ray Drop Zone
• Technical Topcloth
•  Silpure antimicrobial

Adolfo 2 months ago

Best insoles for the work boots! Could not work without these! These insoles are live changing!!!

dcmartin68 3 months ago

Very sturdy product.

BSprouse 3 months ago

Love it so comfortable

T Braun 3 months ago

Been using Spenco Insoles for over 20 years and is superior to other brands on the market. There are multiple solutions available for all types of support and cushioning. If you try these insoles you'll be highly satisfied.

Jeffs382000 3 months ago

These are the most comfortable insoles I've found so far. Love them.

B.Diaz 4 months ago

I have ordered these insoles for my steel toe work for years and I am never disappointed

scorpiongodinez5@yahoo.com 4 months ago

This product did not work for me maybe will work for others my right foot seems to be doing just fine with the product but my left foot is another issue it seems to be swollen at all times this product did not help with the swelling of my plantar fasciitis.

Shebu 4 months ago

The best insoles for my diabetic feet. I have used these insoles since 1992.

EDG 5 months ago

I have been wearing Spenco inserts since I started running 30 years ago. These are the ONLY inserts that I can wear with my very high instep and that provide enough arch support so that I no longer get painful foot injuries (plantar fasciitis). Great arch support and cushioning. I love these inserts! Great product, great quality! Keep up the good work!

nan.v@att.net 9 months ago

I've purchased these in the past from Lady Footlocker so was very disappointed at my last visit there to find they no longer carry the Polysorb Heavy Duty. They do carry other Spenco products but I didn't find them as beneficial. I'm glad I was able to purchase them directly from Spenco but not happy about the S&H costs on top of the high price of the product itself.

amamiedog 9 months ago

Have been purchasing these inserts for years -- I cannot walk without them. The product arrived fast, perfectly packed, and these are made with a high quality. thank you Spenco!

V005560 9 months ago

I was tired of having shoes that were hurting my feet. These insoles have made a world of difference!

fleetfeet 12 months ago

My husband and I are on our feet all day long and would not consider going to work without our insoles in place. They are the best. With the money back promise if something happens you know you will get a replacement.

macrildna 1 years ago

After walking on your product I can say it makes the difference. I have a cronic low back injury that requires me to WALK.. I use a 'RUNNING' shoe with Poly Sorb inserts. For quality and cost, no better by as far as I'm concerned. Thanks

ilmfocus@att.net 1 years ago

The arches in these pads are way too thick. I have high arches and these put so much pressure on my arches that they turn red and itch.

Driver 1 years ago

No better insole for long workdays. I wear these 12 hour days in my boots.

bls21 1 years ago

These have good cushioning although the heel is a little too thick for most shoes. I need something with a little better forefoot cushioning. am trying the total support gel insoles. will let you know how they do.

veteran 1 years ago

Best insoles ever!!!!!!!

Tfitzgerald1969@gmail.com 1 years ago

I work on my feet, for hours, on a hard concrete floor. And, I already have plantar faciitis, which lead to excruciating bone spurs on both heels. My heel pain ,,,,,there are no words. So I got these inserts. While waiting on them, I bought very thick gel heel inserts. Which helped. Then I received these, and put the heel pads on top of them, and I wear both pads together. Even with both, I had to go to the foot doc and bite the bullet and get the steroid injections in my heels. Now I have relief, and still use these pads. These inserts are great, probably some of the best on the market. My pain needed more than any pad could deliver

Jeffs382000 1 years ago

I work on my feet all day and these insoles are as comfortable as the thongs that I bought by you guys. Thanks for keeping my feet cool and comfortable.

Twinsborg 1 years ago

I use these in my work boots. I work on a cement floor. I have had feet problems off and on most of my adult life. I have been to foot doctors and have had professional orthotics made. I have tried dr shoals and soft sole and many others. I got my first pair of these around 20 years ago and I still have them. I just bought 4 new pair and the old ones are almost as good as the new ones. These always get my feet back to felling pain free. Thanks, Frank

maiamariposa@gmail.com 1 years ago

These really help my plantar fasciitis!

wat5683@yahoo.com 2 years ago

In Sept. 2001 I volunteered at the site of the Twin Tower terrorist attack in NYC (911) for 10 days. I have been extremely ill and homeless about half the time since that event due to being abandoned by just about everyone. Due to poverty I have been forced to walk during the homeless periods, and after easily 24,000 miles and rheumatoid arthritis in both feet I was really suffering. The heavy duty Poysorb inserts were recommended and they have reduced my pain significantly, and this product has given me renewed hope and strength to continue to recover. Thank You.

Robert 2 years ago

Best insole for the price! proven 13+ hour days on my feet! own 2 pairs and buying a third for my winter boots

Jose Antonio planas 2 years ago

The best soles I've ever had!

r r w 2 years ago

best insoles i've used in years-on my feet in boots 10+ hours a day. will buy again!!!!

Beach Girl 2 years ago

Great product, I've used them before, but my feet are much too wide now. These are for narrow feet. I am not sure if they make a wide or not? My feet have gotten wider in the last few years so I could not comfortably wear the last ones I ordered.

eastsidephoto 2 years ago

I have been wearing Spenco insoles for years. Because I am vegan and don't wear leather, often I have to buy lower quality footwear. I also have narrow feet with a high insole. Every year I invest in a few pairs of these insoles and they transform any shoe into a super comfortable, good supporting, great fitting shoe. I cannot say enough good things about this company's products.

Sullivan 2 years ago

I have been using spenco for about five years and my husband and myself love them. They always say they give a one year guarantee but my have lasted me about a year and a half. These are great.

rdellingerr 2 years ago

Used these insoles for the passed ten years. On my feet 12-14 hours a day and the insoles help to keep my feet functioning.

Aragorn 2 years ago

I purchased these for my steel toe work boots. I work in a mill with concrete floors and I am on my feet all day. These help soften the impact on my feet and reduce fatigue. highly recommend. very comfortable.

cbrunell3@aol.com 2 years ago

this isn't my first time wearing them I use to work at a golf course and one of the members go into using them so now everytime I get new shoes I get new inserts and they great they take the pressure off my knees and back.

Kevin 2 years ago

I've been using Spenco insoles for about 20 years. I have flat feet. These insoles perform better than any others I've tried including prescription.

stand all day. 3 years ago

I usually buy this at foot locker, not in the best locations. I like these because it usually lasts 11 months of standing and walking in a hospital 5 days a week. Feels much better than the usual thin insoles that come with shoes. I buy a little bit bigger and cut to fit. Wash in a lingerie bag as needed.

bigfoot 3 years ago

Awesome! Have these in every pair of shoes I own!

runner 3 years ago

My foot Dr. highly recommended this product. Had them in my shoes in less than an hour the soreness and pain were gone. Thank you Spenco.

austinjanders 3 years ago

I purchased these for my steel toed boots I wear daily at work. I have always used the Walker/Runner PolySorbs in all my casual shoes. These are no were near as comfortable as the Walk/Runners.

dorothy 3 years ago

Excellent product....fit perfectly in shoes. Most comfort in a long time for walking. Inexpensive....will purchase again in the future.This product was recommended by my podiatrist.

ED 3 years ago

The day I received them, I inserted them in to my shoes. I got instant relief from pain in my arches. I"m 100% satisfied. They really work. :)

harleyreb1 3 years ago

I replaced the insoles from my used new balance shoes and they felt like a brand new pair! after two weeks of walking I can say they have held up better than expected and I will buy again

sheets350 3 years ago

I work outside for a phone company and I am on my feet all day long. These are the only insoles that I have found that can stand up to the punishment I put them through. They are the only ones I will ever buy.

Jerryb6@aol.com 3 years ago

Great cushion and support for walking on concrete 10 hours every day. Takes a couple of days to form to your foot , and then the comfort is there.

Jeff 3 years ago

Most comfortable insoles on the market. great support and lots of cushion.

msv543 3 years ago

A favorite in my insert arsenal. I recommend it. Will purchase more.

alkath2 3 years ago

these are my second pair and they just as good as the first ones I would recommend these if you work on concrete they help me a lot

Bruce 3 years ago

I've been using Spenco products since 1984. Always been EXTREMELY pleased. I normally buy at FootLocker but tried online this time... Good job guys!!

M1Garand 3 years ago

I've been using these insoles for nearly 15 years. I'm flat footed and must have some arch support and padding. These are the best I've found.

LeRoy 3 years ago

these are the best and only insoles I use for my work boots. They really make a big difference since I am on my feet all day long. I would highly recommend them to every one.

Hoser 3 years ago

I have used these inserts for over two years and would not use any other product. Recommended by my foot doctor, I just received a dozen to put into street, golf and tennis shoes. Don't waste your money on any other product.

big john 4 years ago

I was given the recommendation by a friend. He was right they are excellent. I don't get the sore aching feet after standing for long periods of time. I would recommend this to all.

chirag 4 years ago

I will recommended this product to my friend. This is very helpful to me for long standing on your feet. Customer service is also very good. Me and my friend ordered this item, we both happy from our decision.

WinRock 4 years ago

I have been using Spenco insoles daily for many years and I can honestly say, my feet have never felt better.

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