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Total Support® Original

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Catalog No.: 39-313

Choose Total Support® Original Insoles for moderate physical activities and most sports
Most rigid replacement insoles offer some motion control and stability but that’s where the similarity ends: Spenco® Total Support® Insoles feature our patented 3-POD® Modulation System: By positioning pods with varying degrees of hardness beneath key areas of the foot, Total Support® Insoles change the ground forces reaching the foot during activity. This tunes the ride for increased performance and superior comfort while helping to reduce over-pronation—a common problem that causes foot, leg and back pain. Spenco® Total Support® Insoles are unconditionally guaranteed for one year.

Total Support® Technology aids in the relief of symptoms caused by Plantar Fasciitis.

The Shape That Feels Great®

For half sizes order the next size down.
For example, if you normally wear size 10.5, order a size 10.


• Deep Heel Cup
• Semi-rigid Cradle
• First Ray Drop Zone
• Metatarsal Dome
• Technical Topcloth
• Forefoot Crash Pad

P West 21 days ago

I love my insoles! These insoles provide the support I need and keep my feet comfortable all day! I especially love them for long distance running. These insoles are awesome!

pattys1121@gmail.com 29 days ago

Over the last 10 years I have struggled with Plantar fasciitis to the point where I couldn't walk. The cortisone shots were not lasting. I received the name of the company from a friend. I have not had any pain in my feet. I was actually able to spend an entire 10 hours shopping for the holidays with my Grandson. i finally tired him out. Thabk you so much.

Rachael 2 months ago

These insoles are the very best, and I've tried a lot of different ones. I work in an environment where I'm standing/walking all day long, and these insoles keep my feet feeling happy!!! Seriously, no joke. I'll continue to purchase the Total Support* Original insoles as needed. Rachael

Larry Greenberg, PT, MS, M.Ed. 2 months ago

As a sports and orthopedic physical therapist, I have seen numerous orthotics in ~40 years of practice. In my experience, most custom made orthotics are rigid and too hard for patients who try them for a couple of weeks, then never wear them again because they hurt them. That is an expensive lesson! I not only prescribe the Spenco Total Support which in my opinion are semi-rigid orthotics, I use them in all my shoes and fitness/sports training, court and golf shoes. I've tried a slew of others, but none feel like this to me at an extremely affordable price. Well done, Spenco!

Sheela Palocaren 2 months ago

I have high arch and recently injured my peroneal tendon below my right ankle. Per my physical therapist advise got the spenco total support. I am very happy with the support and am able to walk / be on my feet for longtime. They are of excellent construction with durable material. Will definitely buy more.

MoCo 2 months ago

I reallly like these. The fit all of my shoes.

jeccop29@cox.net 2 months ago

Well I'm such a fan, that I have them in just about every pair of footwear I own. After battling incredible pain with Plantar Fasciitis, last fall, I found the cure and prevention with these Total Support Originals. The built in arches and support are just what my flat feet need. Thank you, so much. Joe C.

gschroederhoffman 3 months ago

AWESOME!!!!! saved my feet and knees!!!!

melodylakesrick@yahoo.com 3 months ago

The support inserts work great. I can wear my shoes again without pain.

Lin Ackerman 3 months ago

I really appreciate the support that I receive when I use your product. Thank-you! I have bad feet and your product makes me feel like I'm walking on clouds.

John 3 months ago

My podiatrist recommended these inserts after a diagnosis of Plantar Fasciitis and bone spur. The spur was not a problem, but the Plantar Fasciitis was very painful. These are in ALL of my shoes. I have been pain free for 6 years. Thank you.

klhinerman 4 months ago

My chiropractor recommends these and I can see why. The support, especially through the arch, is excellent.

rciervo 4 months ago

I originally bought the Total Support Spenco Sandals and I was so impressed by how they helped my feet I bought the inserts for all my shoes. Aside from Plantar Fasciitis I have a pinched nerve on my two middle toes. These relieve the pain in my feet. Love the product.

Victor 8 months ago

I've being using them for my running shoes. I wouldn't change brand. Always happy !!

Meredith 9 months ago

I specifically purchased Spenco inserts because of their metatarsal pad, in addition to their arch support. Since having purchased them I no longer am experiencing the pain in my metatarsals like I used to.

roggy 10 months ago

I was very disappointed with the max supports. The arch has minimal support and does not align with the arch of the foot either. I found customer support to be wanting as well. You'll have to pay shipping both way if you try these and have to return them. As a physical therapist, I was surprised how downgraded spenco's products have become.

Stuartc802 10 months ago

Feet feeling great !

LUCY 10 months ago


Kent 10 months ago

Very satisfied with original total support. They needed to be trimmed slightly in the front but then fit very well and have provided great support. I wore them all day the first day and my feet felt good at the end of a hard day of standing all day.

MelDFW 10 months ago

Overall I'm impressed with the Spenco inserts recommended by my podiatrist for plantar fasciitis. I have good days and bad days.

SpencoFan 11 months ago

I was originally going to my podiatrist to order orthodics for my feet. Before doing this ...my primary Dr told me about spencos's instead. I ordered mine as well as a pair for my aunt (diabetic ones). I LUV THEM!!! I wear them from 1st thing in the morning till nighttime. I cannot wear my old slippers anymore. I wish I could afford the slippers you sell. Do you ever run sale prices??? Please keep me posted. I AM A BELIEVER IN SPENCOS!!!!! I tell everyone I am spreading the word...m

mfelico@gmail.com 11 months ago

I do really like the inserts, I felt the difference immediately. Both my knees and legs felt immediate relief. My only complaint is the sizing. They are a bit too big so it leaves my feet feeling a bit tight. I'm going to try ordering the thin ones next time. I really wish they came in single sizes

jsgoglia 11 months ago

I've had a severe plantar fasciitis that has kept me from playing tennis until I started using the Spenco Originals in my tennis shoes. They've allowed me to return to the courts. I'm delighted with them.

squiresd 11 months ago

I have been using this particular Spenco innersole for about 15 years because of neuromas and Plantar Fascitis. These innersoles have made it possible for me to walk pain free and stay on my feet for hours touring and traveling. They also are very sturdy and last a long time. Even though somewhat costly they are still a very good value. Thank you Spenco!

gayle14@comcast.net 1 years ago

They have been a big help. My feet have been much better. I recommend them

Spenco Fan 1 years ago

It has helped me with my planter Fasciitis. The pain has gotten less. I'm on my feet all day plus with officiating , this has reduce the shock load at the bottom of the feet. Thanks!

Guywithbadfeet85 1 years ago

They give some extra support, but next to no met support.

alan calkins 1 years ago

I bought a pair of flip flops at my chiropractors office, and they were so amazing I had to research the company. I recently went back to carpentry work instead of tattooing, and a pair of insoles for my work shoes was my first purchase. My coworker noticed an increase in my energy level and productivity the day I got them. You have a customer for life.

Frank 1 years ago

Item was purchased for the support for the arch and heel area. Prior to the purchase walking for a long way would cause feet and lower back discomfort. Well worth money. Exact fit for 13w shoe

knjonweb@aol.com 1 years ago

My orthopedic dr. Recommend these insoles to me, and although I would say they are a good product, nobody seems to understand exactly what I am looking for in an insole and this is quite frustrating. I am a very high intensity group ex instructor...very very high intensity!!!! And although these are probably awesome for the mainstream fitness enthusiasts i am looking for something with way more support!!! I am running, jumping, pounding!!! I need something stonger than these!!!!

Jorge.corrales 1 years ago

Hello from Guadalajara, Mexico I received your orthotic arch support total support and it hace been very helpful and confortable Hope you can ship directly to Mexico soon Best regards

MARY Queen 1 years ago

These inserts are fantastic ! Wish I had discovered them years ago!

Jenn 1 years ago

Unfortunately there is not enough arch support for me. I need a stronger support system. Otherwise the quality is good and would probably work well for many people.

John 1 years ago

Used these to replace an insole in a new pair of shoes that were slightly too wide. Works perfectly. Better than a pair of custom made insoles.

Golfer 1 years ago

Product was promptly delivered. I tried it on for my physical therapist. He did not feel it provided adequate support. I'm 6'2' and weigh 220 lbs. I ordered the Max. It does provide the level of support I require. It, too, was delivered promptly. I primarily wear these in my athletic and golf shoes as the insert is too large for regular dress shoes.

angelob50@gmail.com 1 years ago

My feet feel great in these insoles!

mheffler 1 years ago

I started to get plantar faciiitis again and so I replaced my two athlethic shows and bought two pairs of these insoles for my work shoes - pain gone!

John Browne 1 years ago

Solution for neuroma! After trial and error with several foot pads and other inserts, this insert seems the best for comfort and protection. Will order 2 more, including the max for hiking and sports.

lkis229 1 years ago

My doctor recommended Spenco for my plantar fasciitis. I had to stop hiking because of the issue and was willing to try anything. I found these had a deep heel cup and was very comfortable while hiking. I have since bought other Spenco insoles for other casual shoes and sneakers. I love them all and would definitely recommend them.

Ken H 2 years ago

I tried numerous insole products with limited relief. Spenco Total Support Original is the most effective product that I have purchased.

bobo 2 years ago

bought these about a month ago and theyve been a lifesaver for me. orthopedist thought i might need shock wave therapy but tried these before i spent crazy money (insurance doesnt cover the therapy). going to buy another pair thank you spenco

NAP 2 years ago

These inserts are comfortable and provide good support. I liked the first pair so much I bought a second so I wouldn't have to swap them between shoes.

ProudMom 2 years ago

Under the suggestion of my Podiatrist which was 4 years ago, I was instructed to wear Spenco Total Support Insoles; I haven't gone without them since!!

Rob 2 years ago

These inserts are good. I can walk all day comfortably again.

Nick B. 2 years ago

I bought a pair to help my Achilles tendonitis. It definitely helps and I plan on buying another pair.

Ryucathy@aol.com 2 years ago

I have been using the Spenco Total Support insoles for the last few years. My podiatrist highly recommended this product and I have been very satisfied with their performance. As a walker. I Have enjoyed the support my feet receive and my back is much less stressed with these insoles.

LovingJesus 2 years ago

I am a big fan of the Spenco Total Support Originals! I can't wear sneakers or closed in shoes without them! I'm hoping they start making them for sandals and flip flops!

Lau 2 years ago

I love my Total Support original.

MC 2 years ago

Ordered sizes 11 and 12 mens to help with my planter fasciitus. Have had them a couple of weeks now and they have helped greatly.

2 years ago

After trying many brands of inserts I finally found one that works. I have 4 pair now of the inserts. Very helpful for extremely flat feet.

Marathon Runner 2 years ago

I am very happy with my inserts. I have almost 100 miles on them and they are great Will be ordering some more

CAMERAJOE 2 years ago


Lois37 2 years ago

Fit well in my ACIS sneakers and provides adequate support. Wish Spenco made a sneaker that did not require an insert.

mheffler 2 years ago

The insoles are comfortable and work well to replace the insoles in one pair of running shows

John 2 years ago

My podiatrist recommended Spenco Total Support inserts for my Plantar Fasciitis and bone spur. I have these in all my shoes and found complete relief and have not had a problem since. Great!

GrandmaT 2 years ago

I have been wearing custom orthotics for many years. They need to be updated / replaced every few years due to wear and tear, changes in weight, etc. Love that I have found a near custom made orthotic that I can purchase and wear in any of my shoes. My feet feel more aligned and don't hurt after standing / walking. Very happy with these

Patty Sue 2 years ago

I am an early morning mall walker who replaces my insoles and shoes every six months. I have been wearing a set of the insoles for over four weeks. I feel the Spenco insoles support my feet better than the ones that come with the shoes.

Byscreenname 2 years ago

I love my Total Support pads.

eastsidephoto 2 years ago

I have been wearing Spenco insoles for years. Because I am vegan and don't wear leather, often I have to buy lower quality footwear. I also have narrow feet with a high insole. Every year I invest in a few pairs of these insoles and they transform any shoe into a super comfortable, good supporting, great fitting shoe. I cannot say enough good things about this company's products.

Happy Feet 2 years ago

I have fallen arches and over pronation and my feet love these insoles! They fit into more shoes than my custom orthotics and are more comfortable. I have several pair of Spenco insoles and will continue to use them.

vmnelson 2 years ago

Great product.. Doctor recommended these.. I would definitely purchase again!!

Dino 2 years ago

Excellent for pain from heel in Plantar Fasciitis and arch support

Nancy 2 years ago

Awesome product! I could feel a difference the minute I put them on.

Running Gentlemen 2 years ago

I recently began my track season, which precipitated the immense amount of physical activity of this year. The new Spenco inserts I tried have met my expectations 110%! They provide the foot with complete comfort and stability when running. What makes this insert unique, is the full foot coverage, not just the arch itself. This feature makes the foot nice and snug with your shoe. I would recommend this arch support to anyone!

hrhbrunei 2 years ago

I love these shoe inserts. They spread the toes for my Morton's Neuroma and also provide great arch support. I highly recommend them! I wish I would have found these before I spent $500. USD on a pair through my Podiatrist! They are way better than the pair that my podiatrist made for me.

Bigbill 2 years ago

Doctor recommended- web staff very helpful - first month with them has been a relief. Hope it continues.

Amanda David 3 years ago

Now normally a sentence like "I didn't even notice my feet" would be one of concern, but when I'm out and about I am completely aware of my feet, simply because they are killing me. They hurt so much after as little as 20 minutes on my feet, but these are so comfortable that I forget about my feet completely! I love it!!! I have had the same Spenco insoles for 7 years, I've been switching them from my tennis shoes to my boots, but I finally bought a dedicated pair for my boots, next month I plan on buying a pair for my tennis shoes so I can retire my old tired 7 yr old pair. I'll never go back to another insole again! Spenco you have a customer for life!

LakeMichiganGirl 3 years ago

I use these in my favorite walking shoes, and they have been a great help in lessening the pain of plantar fasciitis.

Toothdocs 3 years ago

This was my second purchase because I liked my first pair so much. I had a custom-made orthotic for many years, and when it wore out my brother, a podiatrist, suggested I try your inserts instead of having another orthotic made. It was great advice, I have found your insoles work great for me!

LloydD 3 years ago

I use the Spenco in place of shoe insert I received free from the hospital I use. The Spenco inserts took care of the Planta Fascitis I had. They will help you.

98harley 3 years ago

I have had other Spenco products and these are beyond my expectations. I love them.

law 3 years ago

Oh, how I wish you would create an insole that combines the Total Support Original and the Cross Training. I wanted to love the Total Support, and they are great with the metarsal/arch support and wonderful deep heel cup; however, I need some more cushioning in the heel and forefoot.

Pat 3 years ago

I have a terrible problem with Plantar Fasciitis and recently pruchased the Spenco Total Support insoles. These insoles work very well for me. They are comfortable, inexpensive and fit very well inside my tennis shoes. They have really helped my plantar fasciitis alot! I will definitely purchase this product again!

starrja 3 years ago

I just got back from a 7 day surf fishing trip and would not have made it with out your product. I am hooked.

Terry 3 years ago

Having suffered a turf toe injury and subsequent arthritis in my big toe, I needed more semi-rigid support than provided by my athletic and dress shoes. A neighbor, who is a team doctor for an NFL team, recommended Spenco Total Support inserts. The "Original" model works great in my athletic shoes, letting me go without re-injury or even discomfort. The "Thin" model, however, makes my dress shoes too tight through the toes. I may have to buy a half-size larger -- or a size greater width -- shoe to accommodate them.

Angel 3 years ago

I share my discovery of Spenco with everyone I know who might be in need of a great looking, durable and pain relieving shoe or sandal. I discovered Spenco less than a year ago at my podiatrist’s office, was there with heel pain and a flare up of long time plantar fasciitis. While waiting to pay my bill, I noticed of rack of sandals in the waiting room – tried a pair and immediately felt relief of both heel pain and plantar fasciitis.

Suzanne 3 years ago

I have purchased several insoles from you and so far they seem to do the job perfectly – just what the doctor ordered. I have purchased all three types – thin, original, and thick which works perfectly in the appropriate shoes.

Trylla 3 years ago

I have purchased several Spenco shoes and The Original Insoles. Feet, toes, arches, and knees are better. I play tennis 5 days/wk and use the insoles in all my tennis shoes. I have referred others and they are saying the same thing.

Happy Feet 3 years ago

The Spenco soles provide the support and stability my feet need to remain pain free. They allow me to wear more trendy shoes and still have the appropriate support.

Stratocaster 3 years ago

I work on concrete floors all day and after wearing these inserts for a few days I realized that my feet just didn't hurt nearly as much when I got home from work. These have been absolutely amazing for me.

Painesville, Ohio 3 years ago

They are working out terrific and my right leg does not hurt after cutting the back grass yesterday morning as it did in the past without the insoles.

CLYDE 3 years ago

I've been a fan of Spenco insoles for a few years. I use the Total Support Originals in my work shoes. I'm on cement for 8 hours each day. They are priceless for the relief they provide for my feet. Great product!!!

dcon7776 3 years ago

On my last trip, these insoles let me walk 30,594 steps (13.82 miles), and climb 14 floors without feeling foot pain. My bi-lateral plantar fasciitis, and heel were unbelievably pain free. These OTC insoles replaced my podiatrist's customized pair.

Sue 3 years ago

I've been walking around in terrible pain for 5 months.I've been wearing these for 10 days now, and doing stretching from physical therapy. My pain is greatly abated and I noticed that I am walking without a limp the past week. It is wonderful!

mrfish2120@aolcom 3 years ago

This product releived 90% of my heel pain within the first 2 weeks of purchace..Love em Love emmmmm.Will be purchasing more of this product. On my feet 12 hours a day at work.

Jack Pref 4 years ago

For the last 15 years i use Spenco insoles everyday at work in my combat boots or my desert boots when deployed. They provide great support especially during force march or when i carry heavy loads. I recommand it for heavy duty work!

Mark 4 years ago

Fair arch support that may be good for those less than 200lbs, to flexible for heavier weights. Silver area extends to far forward/creates pain at metatarsal joint of small toe. returning for Thinsole orthotic. ridges at ball of feet are an irritant

Andy 4 years ago

For my feet (Plantar Fasciitis), I prefer this model. It has enough arch support, ample heal cushioning, and is comfortable. A very good product!

Pamela 4 years ago

I prefer the thin insoles as the original are too thick to comfort my foot issues

KATHY 4 years ago

I purchased the insoles and I am very happy because I do not have pain! My heel spurs are better! I highly recomend the product...

Richard 4 years ago

Better than I thought it would be. After less than a weeks wearing the support my planters fachitis was gone. I'll continue to wear them they work!!

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