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PolySorb® Walker/Runner

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Catalog No.:  38-385

Contoured, Flexible Support
Cradles your feet with targeted cushioning that improves your athletic performance and prolongs the life of your shoes. Ideal for walking, running, training and sports. 

The Shape That Feels Great®

For half sizes order the next size down.
For example, if you normally wear size 10.5, order a size 10.


• Deep Heel Cup
• SpenCore® Material Heel and Forefoot Pad
• Lightweight PolySorb® Arch and Heel Support
• Heel-to-toe Cushioning
• First Ray Drop Zone
• Metatarsal Dome
• Technical Topcloth
• Silpure antimicrobial

PAYE 28 days ago

I use the cross trainers for my running and hiking shoes and tried these for walking shoes and they are perfect. They are reasonably priced and last a good amount of time. Highly recommend even if you do not have problems. It just makes walking more comfortable.

dwaples 2 months ago

I got Spenco insoles years ago for a foot problem. The current product is excellent and the company continues to do great work for the consumer.

rashaffer1376@gmail.com 2 months ago

not helping with my heel issues so far

loucarreras 3 months ago

After having tried some of the heavy duty polysorb inserts I was interested in trying the Walker/Runner model. They have exceeded my expectations. I have very flat feet and arthritis in my forefeet. The walker/runners are giving me better arch support, and greater comfort in walking.

Gary 1946 3 months ago

Great support. Great for feet and legs.

Gapeachwomen 3 months ago

First I wanna say that shopping the site was simple and easy. The shipping was faster than I expected and I love the product. Just like my doctor advised the product does help alot with my feet and walking. I would recommend you try it for yourself

mnsignr@gmail.com 3 months ago

Recently had a TKR (total knee replacement), leg was straightened, which gave me back my 3-4

ghahn1946 3 months ago

Always high quality. Suggest go one size down.

losberg@nycap.rr.com 3 months ago

have been suffering with foot pain for years. have tried several types of inserts and have come to the conclusion nothing will completely cure my pain.

Lois 4 months ago

I bought these on the advise of my doctor thinking they were orthotics and realized when i got them that they were insoles. I don't really like then, they are higher in the frint than the back. I didn't return them because i didn't want to pay for shipping to return them.

SR 4 months ago

These are very high quality inserts at a good price. Fits well in my running shoes, my arches are supported, and walking is much more comfortable for my feet. I will probably buy more soon!

Sore feet 9 months ago

I have been struggling with heel pain for the past year. Besides trying several different shoes, I have tried several different inserts. These are by far, the best and now I have them in my hiking shoes and everyday walking shoes.

Stuartc802 10 months ago

I can walk longer distance now and my feet feel so much more comfort.

Ineedbettersupport! 10 months ago

I have nerve damage in my feet from Bartonella. I have 2 pairs of Spenco sandals that I love, and wanted insoles to put in my other regular shoes. I bought these because they have the

Love My Spencos 11 months ago

I have been using these insoles for about 3 years. I buy specially padded socks. Put these insoles together with my socks, and I feel like I'm walking on a cloud. I started out the the Dr. Scholl's insoles because they're in all the stores and easy to get. Wow! Did they ever hurt my feet!! I started questioning and researching and kept coming up the same recommendation....Spenco! Now I am the one recommending them.

Donna M. 11 months ago

These are the best insoles I have ever used. They are with every penny.

ramstb 12 months ago

Great insole - my problem is the size for the ladies was too small and for the men it was prefect. My problem was that it was very difficult to trim to my shoe size, but well worth it.

pompdogs 12 months ago

I have been walking for my health for the last six yrs. I used to buy these at my local Foot Locker, that no longer carries them. So happy to have found these on line. No other brand compares. Simply a quality product that lasts a very long time.

dcaley 1 years ago

I am liking my new insoles, my feet feel better. I plan to order some more after I talk to my podiatrist. He is the one that recommended them.

Lori Fun 1 years ago

This is the best product! I tried them while finding a good pair of walking shoes for a vacation in Washington DC, where walking is a dire necessity to enjoy the city. These insoles SAVED ME! Lifelong purchaser. Please never change the specifications.

Al 1 years ago

Arch in this product not stiff enough to to support my flat feet.

Linda C 1 years ago

I put these in my new athletic shoes to replace the insoles that came with them. Did a great job. No foot pain anymore!

haleigh2@tds.net 1 years ago

The new polysorb walker runners offer great comfort, relieving my chronic foot problem.

Kat 1 years ago

Excellent product, have used before and will use again

Pdcollinsburger79@gmail.com 1 years ago

They are the best shoe liners ever!!!!!!!!!!! I love them. I'm Going to get more of them ASAP. I ordered one pair to try n they are fantastic. I have been telling all my Co-workers about them. My foot doctor recommended them over six months ago but procrastinator that I am I just now got them. I have lost my arch support and the padding under the ball of my foot is gone so these liners are helping. They're great.

B. Watts 1 years ago

I started having a problem with my right foot in April 2016. I thought I had a stress fracture as I'm on my feet a lot at work. An x-ray and a bone scan were negative. I saw my podiatrist, who recommended a competitors insoles. They were rigid and not very comfortable. After I used them for several days, I could barely walk and both my feet hurt. I went back to the podiatrist, and he recommended the Spenco Polysorb Walker/Runner. I called to order a pair and spoke with a customer service rep named Barb. She was very friendly, helpful, polite, etc. She informed me Spenco products have a 1 year warranty, which is great!. She told me she had a pair of the Polysorb Walker/Runners in her shoes, and she loved them. I ordered a pair, and I have not been disappointed. I've been using them for a week or two, and my feet feel much better. It feels like you are walking on a cloud. The Spenco insoles are much more comfortable than the other brand I tried. They are soft and cushy. I will definitely order more of them. Thank you, Spenco!

haleigh2@tds.net 1 years ago

My PolySorb insert has made my sneakers comfortable and I'm able to walk 9 holes on the golf course.

conrad.dalquest 1 years ago

On my feet 12 hours per work day. 2nd pair and they feel like pillows.

lois 1 years ago

I am enjoying the insoles that I purchased from your company.

April Borjas 1 years ago

My daughter says these help her much better than the ones that were special made for her through a rehabilitation center.

Barbara Pettit 1 years ago

I like my new insoles a lot. They are very comfortable and easy to fit in my shoes. I am in my seventies and enjoy walking. These insoles are just what I was looking for and in the right price range.

ebriones 2 years ago

I bought them for the support on the metatarsal area. It is very little. Not what I expected.

Pat 2 years ago

I have severe Plantar Fasciitis, and these inserts work great! They provide just enough extra cushioning, too!

LexxDLS 2 years ago

Ordered these for my running sneakers fit great, and feel great!

Rae 2 years ago

I purchased these insoles on a referal from a friend with back problems. He wasn't wrong! I wear these in my gym shoes and move them into my walking shoes when I get home. My back and legs feel so much better. I am going to get a pair for my husband to try, I am certain they will help with his foot and back problems.

woodsman 2 years ago

Thank goodness I found out about Spenco products. They have helped make my aching feet very happy!

thathealthguy 2 years ago

I have been using Spenco insoles for 4 years. When ever I buy a new pair of running shoes I also buy a set of Spenco Walker/Runners for them.I just completed the Hyner 25 K Trail Challenge while wearing Spencos. They helped me by giving the arch support I needed and protected my arches from the many stones on the course.

JerryDeasy 2 years ago

I bought a pair of these several years ago on the advice of a local shoemaker who told me these were the best. I use them in a pair of gym shoes where the inserts seem to have worn out. The old pair seemed to be very uncomfortable so I looked forward to the new pair as definitely being more comfortable. The comfort level increase that I looked forward to was not that great.

John 2 years ago

I'm on my feet 12 hours a day and walk up to 40 miles a week, I could not do it without my Spenco Insoles.

runner 3 years ago

After a visit to my foot Dr. and Xrays these products were highly recommended for my feet. I do a lot of walking and boys did these poly sorb products do the trick, pain is gone and my feet are comfortable.

B. York 3 years ago

I've tried Superfeet only to end up in more pain, and I've been fitted for costly custom orthotics. As a long distance runner, I don't recommend Superfeet or custom orthotics. I do recommend Spenco Polysorb Walker/Runner insoles.

Tom 3 years ago

I almost quit jogging because my feet were hurting so much after just a short distance. I am so surprised at how much of a difference they make. I can run without even thinking about my feet and my ankles and knees feel better too.

3 years ago

The foam provides excellent cushioning and support and is much lighter than any of the gel insoles. After nearly a year they are still holding out quite well - I use them in my Merrell Jungle Mocs which I wear for work.

3 years ago

I have issues with my lower back and knees. They both get really inflamed when I spend long hours on my feet at work or in the field. These insoles have been a life saver for me, I keep them in every pair of shoes and hunting boots I own!

mheffler 3 years ago

I have always liked Spemco insoles and these are no exception. I would like to have found the Softwalk model I used in the past but they appear to have been discontinued. These are close but not quite what I remember of the Softwalk.

ED 3 years ago

These also were fantastic. Used them in my walk and run sneakers. Work great. :)

William Likar 3 years ago

Quite satisfied with insoles. I'm a runner that has either plantar fasciitis or metatarsalgia, Insoles provide much relief, especially when it comes to forefoot cushioning and metatarsalgia support.

Chris 3 years ago

Spent $140 on running shoes that made my feet feel like 2 blocks of wood. Put these inserts in and problem solved.

Sophie 4 years ago

Looking for an insert with good arch support and hopefully great padding for underfoot. Arch support is great, padding for old, flattened feet - not so hot! Thanks Spenco!

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