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Catalog No.:  10-603

2nd Skin® Circles protect against blisters. Made mostly from water to cool and soothe on contact, the dressings won’t stick to the skin. 


48 Gel Circles. (non-sterile) 3"-dia. (7.5 cm)

judysontag@bellsouth.net 22 days ago

I have been using this product for years, it is amazing!

judysontag@bellsouth.net 1 years ago

I've used these circles for many years and swear by them, great product!!!!!

Bernie 2 years ago

I use these for distance cycling when saddle sores are present and they work fantastic. They also work well in shoes for short runs but feel kind of strange at first.

Ann 3 years ago

I am an amputee and just learned that these are one of the best ways to keep your leg from hurting & getting sore. I have tried everything else. Wouldn't want to do without.

Fateus 3 years ago

Used it on the Appalachian Trail and it helped prevent much misery when blister started to form between my toes. Put some of this on with duct tape and the blisters were basically nonexistent. Highly recommend this product.

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