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Arch Cushion 3/4 Length

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Catalog No.:   44-123

Soft, Comfortable Arch Support
Soothes tired feet and sore arches. Improves body alignment. Absorbs shock and reduces friction that can cause blisters. 
For half sizes order the next size down.
For example, if you normally wear size 10.5, order a size 10.


• Soft Arch Pad
• 3/4-length SpenCore® Material
• Technical Topcloth
• Silpure Antimicrobial

belleb 3 months ago

Have been wearing these for a few weeks now. They were comfortable since day one. Will definitely be ordering more in the future. Great product!

Mary 4 months ago

The arch cushions are just great. Very well made and supportive. I've purchased them before and they last a long time. Will definitely continue to buy from Spenco for any insole needs.

dawnlitman@hotmail.com 8 months ago

This product was great. I also ordered the 3/4 length hard arch supports as well as 2 pair of sandals. Having flat feet, these products make my life much better. When your feet hurt daily activities become hard. Will definitely order from this company again.

SWMinCT 9 months ago

MUCH more durable than the department store models. Will order again.

MichelleL2013 10 months ago

My physical therapist recommended these to me for my high arches. My feet haven't felt this good in ages! Will be buying more of these for my other shoes!

william anderson 11 months ago

Fantastic, My foot doctor recommended this particular product and boy was he correct. I have tried the other popular DR ,,,,,,, to no avail. these helped my feet INSTANTLY . after about a week, all discomfort was gone. I will be getting them for all my shoes. very good product.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

mpp@us.ibm.com 12 months ago

This product eliminated my plantar fascitis foot pain! I was thrilled at how effective it was and how easy it was to use; but I found that after a week or so, the effectiveness was diminished and the pain was back; so I added more support under the arch (using cotton balls and duct tape) and the pain went away.

reebo@tds.net 1 years ago

this is an exelent arch cushion it also give me good archsupport. love your product

Proud Fan 1 years ago

I have worn these for at least 25 years. My PT suggested them to help with knee pain. Still working.

Bobbi 1 years ago

I was instructed to wear these from my foot doctor the first time that I ever developed heel spurs. He said that if I wore a good arch support I could reverse the condition. I have been wearing them ever since. The 3/4 lengths are great for certain shoe styles that I cannot fit a full length arch support in. The arch supports are comfortable and keep my feet healthy. So many shoe manufacturers are not making the insoles of their shoes with the proper arch supports and it now has affected men's shoes, as well. I am so happy that Spenco makes this product. I do not like the insoles that have the jelly like plastic. These insoles are made with foam plastic and they last a good long time. I ordered 3 pair when I found Spenco's website. Please continue to make these insoles. For people like me, I can truly say, this is one of the best products in the market place, and I really need the 3/4 length insoles for some of the women's shoes that I want to wear.

Twinsborg 1 years ago

I use these for when I need additional support with some shoes. I put them on top of other spenco inserts. I have had feet problems off and on most of my adult life. I have been to foot doctors and have had professional orthotics made. I have tried dr shoals and soft sole and many others. I got my first pair of these around 20 years ago and I still have them. I just bought 4 new pair and the old ones are almost as good as the new ones. These always get my feet back to felling pain free. Thanks, Frank

Danno 2 years ago

I have been using Spenco arch supports for 25 years, they are the best. I have tried others, but always come back to Spenco

Don 2 years ago

Not what I was expecting. Can't wear at all.

Yvonne 2 years ago

I really like the Spenco 3/4 length pads. I wear them inside my flat sandals and they keep my feet from hurting.

lizrolle 2 years ago

My arch cushions are keeping me out of the doctor's office and away from physical therapy after a terrible bout of plantar fasciitis. They fit in my shoes without 'stealing' room from my toes. Life is better without pain!

pattyb 2 years ago

Love the product.Disappointed these 2 sets didn't have the hard plastic on the bottom.Other than that I'm happy to have support for heel spurs.

EveT 2 years ago

A physical therapist recommended these and I have been extremely pleased with the relief they provide from ball-of-foot pain, eventually diagnosed as sesamoiditis. It seems counterintuitive that an arch cushion would relieve pain in the ball of the foot, but these extend far enough forward that they cushion part of the forefoot as well as providing good arch support/cushioning.

Courtney 2 years ago

I love this product it is great for my feet. I love them and will definitely buy from you again.

Jim 2 years ago

Great product and If it wears out, I will buy another.

rosenotes 2 years ago

I can tell that these Spencos are going to give me relief while walking. I will have to buy a larger shoe size, but I think I am going to have a new, more comfortable walk.

Patsy 3 years ago

I bought the 3/4 length ARCHCushions on a recommendation by an REI associate to put in my shoes. I have plantar fasciitis w/very high arches, lots of pain! These cushions have been a life saver! I love them and no more pain. I need to buy more for all my shoes! Highly recommend them.

Bob 3 years ago

Have worn for only a couple of days and already feel the difference.

Michelle 3 years ago

I got a pair of these years ago and I still use them, they are the best I have ever tried; However, I was disappointed when I got these. I have very high arches and the new supports are lower than my original ones. They aren't impressive at all.

Todd.fisher@snet 3 years ago

I use these for a little extra arch support and cushioning in my Vibram five finger shoes. Theyre a perfect fit, durable and comfortable.

Skeezics 4 years ago

I have used Spenco inserts for many years. They last a long time, even with multiple washings. The insert still cushions well, even after a year of use. Thank you Spenco for a great product.

Seattle 4 years ago

Got these for plantar fasciitis pain. They probably work better for people with less pain, I have a more extreme case of it, these helped. The 3/4 do have a weird feeling above the toes though, probably better to just get the full length.

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