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Catalog No.:    40-212

Insole with an Extra Layer of Comfort
Lightweight cushioning protects against impact and reduced friction helps prevent blisters. Fits in any shoe or boot and over custom orthotics.  

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• Heel-to-toe SpenCore® Material
• Technical Topcloth
• Silpure Antimicrobial

Boss Mare 1 months ago

Standing on my feet all day, I wanted some extra padding to go over my orthotics. These are insoles are perfect. They are easy to trim. My feet feel great at the end of the day.

Clifton R 2 months ago

I've only had my Comfort Insoles for a couple of weeks, but I'm completely satisfied with them so far.

Paula 3 months ago

I have been using these insoles for years, but for some mysterious reason no retailers have had them in my area. So happy to get a new supply. Thank you internet! They fit into most shoes and slippers I own; are easily washed. Not bulky.

Benzene 3 months ago

AHHHHHH--in conjunction with new shoes and orthotics, the Spenco insole adds to the shock absorption level.

bob cat 5 months ago

worked well

3computers 9 months ago

Excellent insoles for slightly too large shoes. Wear is exceptional easy to clean and dry Comfortable with socks or bare feet.

Beadwindow2020 11 months ago

I've been using these since the early '70s as well as other Spenco products. Can't live without them. Dennis Tedder

rojoba 11 months ago

I work on cold concrete and have problem feet that need some help and longer lasting inserts. - So far they fit work and dress shoes fine without trimming. - Provide a smooth cushion without taking much room, and/or remove the original insoles. - They don't move around or bunch up. - I've only used them less than a month but they hardly show wear. they've been a help to me.

Becky 11 months ago

Definitely help protect my feet!

John S. 11 months ago

My newer orthotics were covered in a plastic which stuck to my feet and deteriorated with age. I searched for a comfortable cloth covered pad like the covers on my older ones and found what appeared to be the same pads. I ordered them from Spenco, they arrived quickly and they were exactly the same. After removing the old ones, cleaning up the orthotics, gluing the new ones down and trimming them, I saved about $100 or more! They have really good products and service!

mnewman6 12 months ago

I play competitive laser tag, and the insoles in my Asics wore out quickly, so I bought these lairs of spenco insoles, and they've been very good so far. Very supportive for the quick movements and everything else. Would buy again.

Comfy feet 12 months ago

My podiatrist recommended the Spenco comfort insoles to wear over my 3/4 length orthodotics. I basically live in my sneakers and these insoles provide cushioning. They're super comfortable for walking, aerobics, etc. Great customer service.

WhoDey 1 years ago

It's difficult to find simple insoles to wear over custom orthotics. These work very well and they're extremely comfortable. You can trim them to fit if they're a little big.

Msinsert 1 years ago

These inserts are amazing! I have worked for thirty years plus years standing and walking daily for seven to eight hours a day. About six months ago my feet were screaming. I went to a foot doctor for calluses and more he took care of the calluses and then recommended these inserts. They have literally taken away the pain from my feet and the calluses are almost completely gone. I will never be without theses inserts and will continue to order them.

Ellered 1 years ago

I use these with full foot orthotics to provide some cushion when insole is removed. Perfect.

Artybeth 1 years ago

These are dense foam and comfortable. They're nice because they're thin and work with orthotics easily. I don't see much difference though in these and in the Dr. Scholl's one that are sold everywhere at a lower price. (Possibly the foam is denser in these which would be a plus, I don't know.). I do like them though....am just not overly impressed.

Steven Yeakley 1 years ago

I could not make it every day without my flat Spenco Inserts! I use one on the bottom and one of the top of my orthotic. Other products do not work nearly as well!

Pennypuggle0412 1 years ago

This product is amazing! I work in a retail environment and I am on my feet numerous hours a week not to mention my feet are in terrible shape. This product has given me so much relief from the discomfort I was experiencing. I would highly recommend using these insoles.

Ardie 1 years ago

I purchased these to use in some boots that were too big for me. I placed them on top of the insoles that were already there and they did the trick. As an added benefit, they make the boots more comfortable for walking.

LINTHEAD 2 years ago


2 years ago

Sturdy, comfortable, flexible insole. I'm Going to use these inserts to enhance the cushioning provided by my custom orthotics mold. The custom orthotics mold initially came with a cushioned insert, but it has worn out and needs to be replaced. Instead of sending the mold back to the manufacturer or dealing with the doctors office, I simply took the old insert off of the mold and replaced it with the Spenco Insert. Worked really well!

Myron 2 years ago

I have been using these insoles for several years along with arch supports. They are very comfortable and last many times as long as anything else I have tried.

DesertYankee 2 years ago

My podiatrist suggested I get these flat insoles to go along with my prescription inserts for added support. My feet would get very tired during workouts and hikes. The Spenco Comfort Insoles are very comfortable and provide much needed relief.

IBG 2 years ago

My Podiatrist recommended these insole which gave me instant relief

Happy Feet 2 years ago

My first Spenco insert lasted 9 years. Of course it showed wear but the quality of the product and fit was outstanding. No other insole product from ANY manufacturer can come close to matching Spenco insoles.

beaker 2 years ago

the heels were too narrow, so these were uncomfortable. I would not buy again

Lytle, Texas 2 years ago

the insoles added softness and didn't affect the shoe size as in making the shoe smaller. They made the shoe more confortable.

Faye 2 years ago

I have used the comfort insoles for many years and couldn't live without them. They are great!

Jerry 2 years ago

I have used these Insoles for years, & they are great. Have a a Bad Hip & they help me walk without alot of pain.

Nurse Margo 2 years ago

Spencos in all my shoes for xtra cushion. They were recommended by a physical therapist after a serious ankle fracture to help foot impact and limit swelling and pain.Would't want to walk far without them!!

SusanC 3 years ago

I first purchased these insoles almost 20 years ago and could not recall the name or manufacturer so I could purchase more. I found these while shoe shopping and ordered a pair immediately. These are classic, comfortable and cushioning.

Dusty Trails 3 years ago

I have used this product decades ago. I am trying them as a top cushion resole for my Rx orthotics. I am tired of paying $50+ for similar insole glued to the plastic shell that fails after a year. So far it has met my expectations, but it is too soon by far to give them a 5 star rating. Durability would EARN a fifth star.

Jim W 3 years ago

I have relied on Spenco insoles for at least 25 years, mostly for running, but sometimes with casual shoes as well. Indispensable! I buy a new pair with every purchase of new running shoes. I'm only 78 and look forward to many more years of comfortable running.

Nick 3 years ago

These inserts work well in one pair of my shoes. In another pair of shoes they make the shoes too tight to be comfortable. Unless there is quite a bit of extra room in your shoes these inserts will probably not work well.

Ar 3 years ago

It does the job just as my podiatrist had told me.

whaudune 3 years ago

Needed these for a replacement for the ones that came w/ the shoes. They cushion better and work w/ orthotics better due to the flat no-contoured shape.

dedicated athlete 3 years ago

Spenco's RX Comfort Insoles are very reasonably priced and provide great cushioning. These insoles are a very worthwhile product, especially if you wear orthotics.

eoch1@aol.com 3 years ago

Very soft. Comfortable the first time I put in shoe. My Podiatrist recommended and was a pleasent surprize.

dcer 3 years ago

My podiatrist recommended Spenco comfort insoles to provide needed cushioning to my worn down custom orthotics. I cut them to size and felt the difference as soon as I put my shoes on. Thanks, Spenco.

pdgunner 3 years ago

Good quality insole to use over top of custom made orthodics. Very happy with this product.

richf 3 years ago

I couldn't find the plain old flat ones at several sporting goods stores so I was very happy you still sold them on-line. All i need is the plain old flat support, without all the arch buildup. Thanks for still making them. Richf

Lois 3 years ago

My Podiatrist recommended these insoles to me about 20 years ago and I have been using them since; in shoes boots that I would not be able to wear otherwise

franko 3 years ago


CynthiaF 3 years ago

Insoles are better than other brands....Great quality and price

hfeuer 4 years ago

Have been using them in all my shoes for years

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