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Orthotic Arch Supports 3/4 Length

  • $29.99

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Catalog No.: 43-158

Firm Adjustable Arch Support Insole
Helps control, stabilize and balance the foot. Heat moldable for a custom fit. SpenCore® layer absorbs shock and reduces friction to improve overall foot comfort. 

For half sizes order the next size down.
For example, if you normally wear size 10.5, order a size 10.



• Moldable Orthotic Cradle
• Heel-to-toe SpenCore® Material
• Technical Topcloth
• Silpure Antimicrobial

Flat Feet 21 days ago

My husband is tall and big with very flat feet. These arch supports provide necessary support to his feet so he can do a lot of the hiking and walking which he loves with little feet discomfort. These supports are far better than what is sold in most stores and they are very effective. We have been buying them for a long time and will continue to do so.

foot person 2 months ago

probably the best on the market, BUT this is a lot of money for a little piece of plastic and some foam

tgears1 2 months ago

In my 50s now and learning that I need more support. These inserts are helping so much. Foot pain is no joke.

SWMinCT 9 months ago

Great product...foot feels significantly better!

rjardin@comcast.net 9 months ago

So far so good . Seems to have really helped a lot. I now can walk my 3 miles per day with no pain. Thanks

Jack Strong 11 months ago

My podiatrist recommended Spenco and I'm impressed and smiling every step of the way. Rigid yet thin andcomfortable arch support, The pains in my feet are gone. Don't waste your time buying something at the drug store. These are great in my tennis shoes and dress shoes.

upwoodsguy 12 months ago

After many weeks of severe plantar facia pain, I ordered 3/4 supports on the advice of my podiatrist. Within a week I have grealty reduced pain, and I look forward to getting my life back to normal activity. I ordered a second pair, plus a pair of Yumi flip flops for my Caribbean vacation in January. Thank you Spenco.

mpp@us.ibm.com 12 months ago

This product eliminated my plantar fascitis foot pain! I was thrilled at how effective it was and how easy it was to use; but I found that after a week or so, the effectiveness was diminished and the pain was back; so I added more support under the arch (using cotton balls and duct tape) and the pain went away.

Ursula 1954 12 months ago

It works great! I'm very happy with my inserts. I will definitely order again. My legs feel good .

ellen 1 years ago

I started using these years ago, they relieved my heel pain from a bone sphir and arch pain. Brought these at Drug Mart for years, then they never had the size I needed, so I went to your website and found what I wanted and so much more.

Jim Sinas 1 years ago

From what I know about Spenco, their products are of high quality and used by foot doctors. I ordered the orthotic arch supports 3/4 length and the order arrived correctly and at a fair price. i'm quite pleased and intend to do more with Spenco on line in the future. Thanks. J. Sinas

dmoortgat 1 years ago

After my feet have gotten used to the arch supports, they are pretty comfortable and are helping my achilles from constant pain to less frequent pain. So definately have improved my mobility.

BeeMan 1 years ago

I have had them in my shoes a week and I am pain free!!!! Thanks

SST77 1 years ago

I work retail and am on my feet 8 hours a day. My feet had been causing me extreme pain. Coworkers asked me if I was depressed or angry because of the look of pain on my face with each step. When I would get out of bed in the morning I could hardly walk. When I was at the doctor's office for a checkup, I mentioned the pain and he examined my feet He recommended Spenco Orthotic Arch supports 3/4 length. I bought and started wearing them and it is like night and day. My feet are a little tired at the end of the day, but no more terrible pain. Best money ever spent.

TS 1 years ago

Awesome ' They work '

Lynn 1 years ago

These 3/4 arch supports are very comfortable, they fit great in my sneakers and shoes and give my arches the support they need. I am very glad I purchased them. Would definitely buy again.

Fan 1 years ago

I have been using Spenco Orthotic Arch Supports for over 20 years, and wouldn't be walking without them. I began using the supports at the recommendation of my doctor because of plantar fasciitis. and have continued all these years because they help me with my 7 mile daily walk.

Username 1 years ago

I can not find out how to keep these from slipping and I find them uncomfortable.

bunnyjaz@hotmail.com 1 years ago

Recommended by my foot dr, really does help if you have no arch.

catman950@verizon.net 1 years ago

After wearing your product on the advice of my Podiatrist the problem of the bone spur on my heel is now 100% better. I wear them every day and the comfort factor is off the chart. Great product.

Drummer Dave 1 years ago

My feet hurt like crazy. I had a pain in my heel that was killing me. When my doctor told me to put these hard plastic things in my shoes I thought she was crazy. It wasn't the first time she gave me counterintuitive advice that turned out to be spot on so I tried the Spenco orthotics she recommended. Within hours my heel pain was gone and has never returned.

Bj 1 years ago

The greatest product..they work

Kimbutts 2 years ago

I find them to be very comfortable in my sneakers.

stud 2 years ago

Very good product I feel ten times better on my feet.

ckenny05@comcast.net 2 years ago

I have been a long time customer, I had a history of foot issues. My Podiatrist's provided with a pair of Spenco arch supporters to help provide relief for my foot pain. I haven't been without my Spenco's for the past 6 years..

Hutch 2 years ago

They fit in the shoes great and support my feet great.

Sam U 2 years ago

With in a week of using the arch supports my heel pain was gone. The product works!

Jason 2 years ago

very nice so far. i'll let you know after a few months. but easy to use , no sliding in the shoe. recommended to be by my PT

Camarillo, CA 2 years ago

I really like them and they helped me alot, on my next purchase I will go 1 smaller size, because they are to wide for my plat heel shoes.

janet3116@gmail.com 2 years ago

The 1st set was bought about 25 years ago. It worked then and it works now. Not only for my foot, but it keeps my knee straight and as a result I have no irritation in my knee.

Dan 3 years ago

The supports available in retail stores don't provide enough support for my fallen arches. These provide all the support I need and last forever.

TPC 3 years ago

Great support

ivysaur 3 years ago

The Orthotic Arch Supports eliminate the sore foot that usually occurs after my shoes turn about a year old, allowing me to wear them longer.

TPC 3 years ago

Great results immediately. Along with PT supports help heal Plantar Fasciitis in two weeks.

ice135 3 years ago

Got these on recommendation from my Doctor instead of getting custom made $500 ones. They were great the first 2 months, but lately the support seems to be dwindling. Feet still feel much better than without them though.

Tpat 3 years ago

I have been wearing Spenco Arch Supports for years on the advice of my podiatrist. Before Spenco I could not walk without my feet hurting. Now walking is a pleasure. I enjoy walking so I'm thankful for Spenco Arch Supports.

XC Mom 3 years ago

Recommended by podiatrist - daughter has in running shoes, I took other pair. Never realized fallen arches were making our legs ache! Feel great right away, not at all hard to adjust to. Comfortable.

Walker 3 years ago

They are very comfortable for my feet. With an extremely high arch, the 3/4 length really provides good support. As a petite adult with small feet, I appreciate the ability to order the size zero (for shoe size 3 - 4).

Dave G 3 years ago

Easy to use and instant relief and comfort Dave G.

Walker 3 years ago

I have flat feet. No arch. I've tried numerous insoles, but none worked. My orthopaedic surgeon advised me to try these, and THEY REALLY WORK! I can spend hours standing and walking. and my feet don't hurt.

mcoleman 3 years ago

Bought for my husband. Have tried so many other products and he was not sure these would be any different. WELL,,,,, he won't be without them - pain is almost all gone and limping is no more. thank you!!

momma 3 years ago

I have used these supports for over 15 years. I had unbearable heal pain. A therapist suggested these supports. They were very firm and I was skeptical but they changed my foot health. I use them in all my shoes. Have been pain free ever since.

JL 3 years ago

Product is as advertised but they make the feet hot and feel heavy. I wish they were cooler and lighter or squished to my feet.

jeff 3 years ago

My feet no longer hurt. I'm able to keep pair of shoes longer when using the arch supports.

by Lucy 3 years ago

I have extremely high arches, causing foot pain. I have been using these supports for about three years. They have really fixed the problem. I highly recommend them.

Kevin 3 years ago

I am buying a second pair. One for home in PA and one for home in FL!

jimschmidt2008@aol.com 3 years ago

I have tried perscription and over the counter Orthotics and most recently Superfeet. Your Orthotic arch supports offer the most firm support. I have peripheral artery disease and need your products.

Cooper 3 years ago

Fallen arches and a retail job on your feet on a concrete floor are not a good combination. My podiatrist recommended Spenco Orthotic Arch Supports or $400 custom made orthotics. I went with the Spencos and have been comfortable ever since.

MargL 3 years ago

This is a great product and I wear almost daily. I wish however that it came in Narroway so I could wear it all the time.

Geiser 3 years ago

I have been using Spenco Orthotics for at least 10 years and find them to be the most supportive. I prefer the solid base as opposed to the ones that are more flexible. Thanks for your support. Is there a place to buy them locally? Thanks.

Merciless 4 years ago

I am a plantar fasciitis sufferer, and when I put my feet into my sneakers with these arch supports, all I could say was: aaaaah. Comfortable. Durable. And just what the doctor ordered. Literally.

City Cleanup 4 years ago

Unbelievable support and comfort!! Very durable, lasts for years of hard work. Lasts longer than two pair of shoes. I've been using them for about eight years. The price is cheap for the comfort and durability.

Ballston Lake, NY 4 years ago

With severe heel pain from new shoes bought, I was given a pr. of 3/4 Spenco arch supports to see if that would allev. the pain because am on ft. most of day. After ~2 months, I can pay more atten. to wk. noticeable improvement in my feet. Thanks

jheeney 4 years ago

I was told to buy these from my foot Dr. I am on my feet over 8 hrs a day on a concrete floor. I always have my inserts in my shoes. They have helped me so much, I thought my feet were going to hurt forever. Spenco saved my feet. My feet thank you.

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