Orthotic Arch Supports Full Length

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Catalog No.: 43-042

Firm Adjustable Arch Support Insole
Helps control, stabilize and balance the foot.  Heat moldable for a custom fit. SpenCore® layer absorbs shock and reduces friction to improve overall foot comfort. 

For half sizes order the next size down.
For example, f you normally wear size 10.5, order a size 10.


• Moldable Orthotic Cradle
• Heel-to-toe SpenCore® Material
• Technical Topcloth
• Silpure Antimicrobial

Diane Gabriel 2 months ago

They are so comfortable . Love them I can work on my feet again. Beats the old custom ones in my eyes

motherbunny37 2 months ago

The inserts fit very well in my shoes only had to take a little bit off the toe. have great support helps my plantar fasciitis quite a bit would recommend them to a friend.

Vivian 2 months ago

I got these after recommended by my doctor. I would get home from work and my feet would be in excruciating pain from my plantar fasciitis. With these I no longer have pain standing all day.

Deb Owen 3 months ago

After wearing these supports, no more tired sore feet every night, I'll be using this product for a long long time!

lizzyann70@yahoo.com 3 months ago

Love them. They sure have helped the arthritis in my foot. And so glad they are washable!

Johnrosa13 4 months ago

After a recommendation from my Doctor I tried the Orthotic Arch Supports Full Length and I wish I've had known sooner.

isiyceli@yahoo.com 4 months ago

Since I star using the orthotic Arch Support I feel more comfortable when I walk long distances

SpencosRock 4 months ago

I got my first pair of Spencos from my podiatrist while I was waiting for my 'custom' orthotics were being made. I suffered from plantar fasciatis & tendonitis as a result of training for a half marathon. The Spencos are EVERY BIT as good as the 'custom' pair, but a tiny fraction of the $1,500 custom pair's price. My most recent Spencos are my 3rd pair, to wear with a different pair of shoes. These are the BEST orthotics! I'll never get 'custom' again!

Nancy Stambaugh 4 months ago

My Physician recommended your product to relieve pain when walking near the ball of my foot. The inserts were hard to install because the front part was

rhondasmith557@gmail.com 4 months ago

I have ordered 2 pair of the Orthotic Arch Supports Full Length, and they r well worth the money!

William McNeil 5 months ago

I wear Spenco arch supports to avoid plantar faciitis, which I suffered with both feet. Costly computer generated and hand made arch supports have been less effective. Since wearing Spenco I have had no problem with this painful condition.

David S 5 months ago

... provides extra support I need for being on my feet all day .. have been using for approx 10 yrs, replace every 3 to 6 months

lhmears2013@gmail.com 9 months ago

I am still trying in other shoes. They seem to sit to high in my athletic shoes (which I purchased them for) causing my foot to slip out. I think they may be perfect in my winter boots.

Randy Hix 9 months ago

These are very good inserts--no more aching feet. Service representative was very friendly and knowledgeable. Fast shipping a plus.

cdjrut 10 months ago

Will not work if your truly have arch collapse with a high arched foot

Stanley 11 months ago

This is my 2nd order for the arch supports. Nothing wrong with the 1st ones, just wanted my other shoes to have the arch supports. They really help a lot and the shipping is very fast. Received my order way before the ETA date. Buy them, you won't regret it.

6dogs4us 11 months ago

Saves my poor feet from hurting so bad I can't walk. Period. Amen. That's all folks!

HeatherA 12 months ago

These are wonderful and will be ordering more for other pairs of shoes!

Don 1 years ago

These were exactly what I wanted and the purchase was easy with the knowledge that my new friend had. I ordered over the phone during a 10 minute break at work. Since I work in Waco I was already familiar with the insoles and have a half length in another pair of safety shoes. My high arches got a break from the otherwise flat sole of the shoes I put them in which also gives you more room at the toe. Very happy with my purchase and would not get any other brand. Thanks Spenco. I am glad you are a local business. Thanks Andrea for your kind help. Don

snyderhman@yahoo.com 1 years ago

These insoles really work. My foot Dr. set me up with these 3 years ago and said if they did not correct the problem he would have to do surgery. Within about 2 months I began to walk normally again

Rich 1 years ago

Great product and great service. I purchased insloes, but they didn't fit my shoes correctly. I have a more narrow foot than I realized. So I called customer service and they walked me through what would be the best fit. The customer service representative offered to send two other inserts at no additional cost, not even shipping charges. I tried both, one fit perfectly and my feet have been happy ever since.

JD 1 years ago

Several weeks ago I purchased some Spenco RX® Orthotic Arch Supports Full Length Insoles. They are very comfortable and provide some great support.

GerardPen 1 years ago

This was a repeat order of a product that works well for me. No more pain in my left foot.

IcyPurpleIze 1 years ago

Really great product. I had a lot of pain in my knees and hips due to my flat feet, even after using Dr. Scholl's. But these cleared up my pain right away.

missdipsey8@yahoo.com 1 years ago

I really like the orthotic arch supports full length. I was going to the foot dr. but I unfortunately cann't afford their pricing for the orthotics that they wanted me to have. I tried yours and the do quite well. I see that there is a max arch support and was wondering if this is in full length also for I was thinking of trying them maybe.

russ.morristv@gmail.com 1 years ago

The heal and arch area are excellent and give great suppport. The front of the foot and toe area is to flimsy and needs to be more ridged

banderson3038 1 years ago

Great need a 2 pair

Spencofan 1 years ago

I was diagnosed with Plantar Fasciitis on my left foot. Using the insole makes walking painless,

Eva Hill 1 years ago

I would like to know why the price of Orthotic Arch Supports are priced cheaper on Amazon and several other Web sites?

Stan 1 years ago

I have never did a review before so here goes. I removed the original soles out of my running shoes and replaced them with the Spenco supports that I purchased. It took a few days to get use to them. After that, well, let me just say how did I do without them. They are great. They fit right into my shoes, no fuss, didn't even have to trim them. If you need supports then get Spenco, you won't go wrong. Well worth the money.

Sport fan 1 years ago

11 year old daughter says these are easy to wear- She doesn't notice they are there!

Ernest Fisher 1 years ago

Fantastic. Feet much better now

Ernest Ruber 1 years ago

I have purchased this product in the past. The spongy part is very densely cushioning and practically cannot be worn out (NO kidding). The plastic insert likewise is very durable. The whole package can't be beat light and durable.

admrlmom@gmail.com 1 years ago

My feet are quite happy in my Spenco arch supports. 2 bunionectomies and a fracture lead to my purchase. Keep up the great job.

SpencoUser 1 years ago

I had major foot surgery 7 years ago. Three months later, the orthopedic surgeon allowed me to put weight on my foot and gave me a pair of Speno RX Orthotic Arch Support full length insoles and told me to NEVER walk without a pair of the insoles in my shoes or I would be back for more surgery. I have found if I try to get away with wearing a shoe without the inserts, I soon have much foot pain. So when I get up in the mornings, I put on shoes with the insoles and take them off at bedtime. I highly recommend the Spenco RX Orthotic Arch Support to anyone with arch and foot problems. Sincerely, SpencoUser

werewolf 1 years ago

Like the full length supports better than the 3/4 ones I had last time. The don't move around in my shoe.

Robert 1 years ago

I've tried other arch supports but these are the best (except for expensive prescription orthotics). I'm on my feet a lot during the day — sometimes standing on a cement floor for hours. These make a big difference! The hard plastic arch is what makes this one better than others, in my opinion.

Tsshoes 1 years ago

Good product. This is my second pair. Quick delivery.

JSAlvarezJ 2 years ago

I recently had an injury in my ankle which was harder to recover than usual due to my flat feet. My doctor recommended Spenco and I promise from the first time I stepped into these soles my posture and ATTITUDE changed. I immediately felt happier, calmer and ready to go out and work hard. I'm a server and I'm always on my feet. I really cannot describe how much Spenco has bettered my day-to-day life.

ralphjon 2 years ago

Seem to be helping my problem - will tell for sure when I start to play tennis again.

rogerw@myfairpoint.net 2 years ago

All worked out well after I turned the orthotics over. At first I had them upside down. OUCH!

daner4126 2 years ago

very nice....decreased foot pain markedly

electricg40@gmail.com 2 years ago

These arch supports were recommended by my doctor. The supports I was using before was helping but I still had pain in my left foot when I got up in the morning. My doctor suggested Spenco supports since they had a hard plastic arch. I thought I would give it a try since I was familiar with the cost of custom orthotics. I wore the Spenco for a day but I had no pain relief. My feet were very tired by the end of the day. The next day I combined the arch supports I was using before with the Spenco supports. The results I am getting now are much better. I'm not getting up in the morning limping from foot pain. By adding the additional support to the Spenco arch supports I got a more favorable result.

Debbie 2 years ago

I've worn these supports for a number of years, but found them hard to find in local stores. The online ordering process was simple and delivery was fast. I have plantar fasciitis and these full length supports help me reduce the amount of pain and discomfort I have after working all day.

TJL 2 years ago

I used to run a lot and developed chronic planar faceitis. Ever since I bought these the pain is gone. I have purchased a pair for each of my shoes now! Great product!

rastrong 2 years ago

I have been looking for replacement for old set of personalized inserts. The Spenco inserts appear to work fine for me. I wish the arches were just a little higher, but I have been using them with no foot pain.

Pmurray 2 years ago

I have the Total Support Max, and I love them. I thought I would give these a try.. They are good, but not as good as the TSM.

rapparserv 2 years ago

provides all the comfort and support i expected when i ordered them.

By Rose 2 years ago

My feet, knees, and back are pain free. This is a super product.

John 2 years ago

I have a high instep but these push the top of my foot up so high my toes go numb. Not working for me. John

malo6105 2 years ago

So far so good.....58 year old jock who walks a mile each day with active dog......Also runs 3 times / week 2 to 3 miles a day on treadmill....Have not tried running on concrete yet......Feet are not as sore...Still contemplating custom arches but will make that determination at a later date..

WF 2 years ago

I have very flat feet and during a recent physical therapy session my therapist suggested these arch supports. I ordered them from your website and when they arrived I did not know what to expect. I really like them and put them in all my shoes and will be ordering more very soon.

Chuck 2 years ago

Could use more padding for front of the foot

Lytle, Texas 2 years ago

The Arch Supports provides more stability and support to my high arches... I do find that my feet do not hurt during or at the end of the day, I really hate to remove my shoe due to their comfort. I really don't notice that I am wearing shoes, so I can get on with what I do most, play golf. : )

stampinjen 2 years ago

I love how these fit into all shoes and are comfortable. My feet are not tired at the end of the day.

wagneretal 2 years ago

The tilt in these supports makes a big difference in my right knee, which has patellar chondromalacia.

Big Jim 2 years ago

Did no help my plantar fasciitis in the least.

Jay Pingree 2 years ago

After severe pain following tennis, I finally saw a doctor and he diagnosed me with mild tendonitis. He recommended that I order a Spenco insert. The Orthotic Arch Support Full Length Insole. Cured! Amazing! Least expensive doctor's visit ever! Thank you Spenco!

jen 3 years ago

since starting to wear these - my plantar fasciitis is nearly gone and I can walk with out any soreness.

Johnny Reb 3 years ago

Has given me great relief from a very bad back!

Elle 3 years ago

Excellent orthotics. This is my second pair and they last much longer than a year.

Gail 3 years ago

They are comfortable and appear to be very durable.

HOME RATING 3 years ago

I bought these upon the recommendation of my doctor for my plantar fasciitis. They have helped a lot. They feel so comfortable that I will get another pair to put in my work shoes.

Carol 3 years ago

I've been using these arch supports for over six years now. I just bought four more pairs to put in my new shoes. With plantar faciitis in both feet, this is the only orthotic support that allows me to walk for miles without pain. Highly recommended!

marilyn monroe 3 years ago

love the insoles gave great relief best in years...would rec to friends and family

enderlin north dakota 3 years ago

Very impressed how well made the arch supports are. They are put together really good and the material is also very good. And the prices are very reasonable, I would recommend others to buy them. The sales staff when I purchased was very helpful.

anita may 3 years ago

My doctor recommended Spenco Arch supports for the Neuropathy in my feet and toes. As of now,the inserts relieve some of the discomfort and I will continue wearing them.

helen 3 years ago

Has helped some with heel spurs. would order another pair.

Scotty Lewis 4 years ago

Product is working very well, gives excellent support to my feet has helped a lot relieve the pain I have been having.

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