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Thinsole® Orthotics Full Length

  • $34.99

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Catalog No.: 43-307

Ultra-Thin, Firm Support Insole
Helps relieve arch pain, improves gait, balance and stability. Increase wear-time daily as you adapt to a new level of support. 

For half sizes order the next size down.
For example, if you normally wear size 10.5, order a size 10.


• Ultra-thin Moldable Orthotic Cradle
• Heel-to-toe SpenCore® Material
• Technical Topcloth
• Silpure Antimicrobial

Jcsw 15 days ago

They are comfortable when replacing the insoles of my shoes. I had 2 stress fractures and a ruptured plantar fascia. I still have foot pain from time to time, but it is MUCH better. I would recommend getting high quality shoes AND the inserts. Inserts aren’t enough in terrible shoes. But at least I can walk again!

lnapier2009@yahoo.com 27 days ago

I have been wearing Spenco Thinsole Orthotics ever since my podiatrist told me about them! I wouldn't be able to do my job without them! It's been about 2 1/2 years now, and my foot pain is slowly diminishing. These are definitely a must and have allowed my insole to restore itself;however, I dare not go without them for long! I love them!!!

johnrosa13 4 months ago

After a recommendation from my Doctor I tried the Orthotic Arch Supports Full Length and I wish I've had known sooner.

Fccram1 8 months ago

I've been a Spenco supporter for many years now. However, my new shoes were a little too snug near the tongue for the insoles to slide in comfortably. I still like the brand though.

Spenco Thinsoles Fan 9 months ago

I had plantar faciitis and a foot doctor advised me to purchase Thinsoles for my shoes. I have worn them in all my shoes for 7 years and have had no more problems. I highly recommend trying them before you spend $400-$500 on orthotics.

Elizabeth McDonald 1 years ago

I have had a marked improvement in my foot pain. So much so that I ordered another pair. Thank you.

Dave D 1 years ago

My chiropractor suggested Spenco Arch Supports over 10 years ago. i had high-arches all my life; he said, made me prone to foot-pain as I got older. My feet were in incredible pain, especially if I walked bare-foot. Once I got my Spencos, I bought several more pair, so I didn't have to keep putting them in different shoes. i've got them in my dress shoes, sneakers, boots, and work-shoes; several pair of each. I just ordered 2 more pair -- I have forgotten to take them out of old shoes before throwing them away, and somehow lost just one. I still have several pair of the original ones I purchased -- that shows you how rugged they are. I have yet to find any other so called arch supported shoe or arch supports sold in stores, that come anywhere close in quality or working as well as Spenco Arch Supports. Bonus: Usually, when I get asked to write a review, I decline because the product isn't worth my time, or is a poor product. I am a real person, who actually likes Spenco a lot -- when someone does make a product as good as Spenco's, I feel they are worth educating and informing others about.

LisaGail 1 years ago

Easy to remove from one shoe and insert into another. Comfortable, good support.

superfry 1 years ago

As always I am totally satisfied with your product. This is the fourth pair of Thinsole Orthotics that I have purchased (along with several of your other products). Simply put...my feet feel better!

2 years ago

The Thinsole Orthotics are perfect in terms of fit and comfort. I was amazed at how they could fit so nicely in my shoes with no extra bulk, and yet make such a big difference in walking comfort. I am planning to buy more of them so that I won't have to keep changing when i change shoes. They were recommended by my podiatrist and she was so right!

Mike T 2 years ago

Have a moderate case of PF and the podiatrist recommended Thinsole insoles to go in my Newbalance 1540's. It took a couple of days to get accustomed to the feel, but I am certain they have helped with the PF.

Trish K. 2 years ago

Was recommended to Spenco by my podiatrist. Great products and highly recommend.

superfry 3 years ago

I've been wearing "Thinsole" for 2 weeks, irregularly, because my doctor said to start slow. I find them very comfortable. At this time it is hard to make a final "judgment" but so far, so good. Check back in a month for a more definitive response.

dahveed 3 years ago

I am glad these are back on the market. The full length version has not been available for a while. Fit my feet to a "T"!

Peg 3 years ago


Bzain 3 years ago

These insoles are nice and comfy. It's also nice that they are thin so they fit into my boots very well. It almost feels like I don't have any insoles in my shoes.

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