Arch Cushion Full Length

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Catalog No.:  44-040

Soft, Comfortable Arch Support Insole
Soothes tired feet and sore arches. Improves body alignment. Absorbs shock and reduces friction that can cause blisters. 

For half sizes order the next size down.
For example, if you normally wear size 10.5, order a size 10.


• Soft Arch Pad
• Heel-to-toe SpenCore® Material
• Technical Topcloth
• Silpure Antimicrobial

valeriesutka@gmail.com 22 days ago

They do not work for me at all. Have been wearing them off and on and I think have made my heels hurt worse.

smokinjoe81@aol.com 3 months ago

These arch supports always hold up well.

BJR 4 months ago

Years ago I was introduced to these insoles and have been using them ever since. They have saved my feet and I even attribute them to avoiding a 2nd. surgery on my

Phil ford 5 months ago

Wrong insole sent or ordered. Returned for credit about 6 weeks ago. Nothing so far.

ajb352@charter.net 5 months ago

Much better that hard material

Toddarty 8 months ago

I have been using this type in so for years my foot doctor is the one who told me about them they usually last me Around 3 to 4 months I walk on concrete 10 hour days I am flat-footed and they feel great on my feet as long as y'all keep making them I will keep buying in th I walk on concrete 10 hour days I am flat-footed and they feel great on my feet as long as y'all keep making them I will keep buying them..

SpencoFan 9 months ago

I have bought these insoles before at Foot Locker & now I found them online. So great I ordered two to put in different pairs of boots.

JenniferH 10 months ago

My feet have been bothering me for a long time. Years ago I had hard, custom insoles made, which did not help my problem at all. I had to abandon them because they were not comfortable. (They were also very costly!) It was my Kaiser physician that recommended THESE insoles. The main problem was that when I got out of bed each morning, for a few minutes I would have so much pain in my feet I had to limp around. He diagnosed me with Plantars Faceitis (not sure of spelling here..). He said that I had to be really good about wearing the insoles ALL THE TIME, even if it was in my house slippers. I didn't want to have to buy more than one pair, so I've been moving the insoles from one pair of shoes to the next every single day. I have not had ANY foot pain since approximately one day after I started wearing these! Will look forward to owning more than one pair in the future. I have bought two pairs for other people and they were both really happy with them!

Mike Bishop 11 months ago

When I needed new insoles for my work boots I ordered Spenco without a hesitation. The insoles are fine, but I was shocked to find that the formerly U.S.A. made Spenco insoles are now made In communist China(!). I find this a sad and distressing state of affairs. I felt more-than-a-tinge of regret sliding them into my American Made, Union Made, work boots. I can only hope Spenco brings their manufacturing back to the United States.

Phyllis Lister 11 months ago

Likes them very much

missgwebb@gmail.com 1 years ago

These are the best I have ever tried. My favorites!

Star Carroll 1 years ago

I have been using these for years (ever since the quirky ad on TV- the egg demonstration)...have nerve inflammation in both feet. Started using these for backpacking- no more screaming tootsies! Now use them in all my walking and hiking shoes. I tell anyone I meet who has foot problems, to try them. Thanks Spenco!

Bobbi 1 years ago

I am using for the first time the Full Length, women's Arch Cushion insole. I love this product. I have work boots for my job that requires me to be on my feet on a concrete floor for 8 hours. My work boots came with good insoles but the boots were wearing down and I could not find another pair like them. I put the Spenco Arch Cushion Full Length supports in my work boots and now my feet no longer hurt at all. I am so happy for this company and their great insole products. I plan to purchase more products from them in the future.

Caschulte08@gmail.com 1 years ago

I wish I had bought these years ago. They wonderful. My feet stopped hurting the following day

Lilafont 1 years ago

My only regret is that I don't have one set of these for each of my pairs of shoes...

ernest ruber 1 years ago

This is a perfectly good product but I need the orthotics with the plastic arch, which is a terrific product. Almost impossible to wear out.

JimmyV 1 years ago

This insole was recommended to me by a podiatrist while I was in the military. I have found no better anywhere.

Gee Gee 1 years ago

I have used these arch cushions for several years and they really work. I had prescription ones from my doctor but they were to hard for me so I tried these and have been using them for over 10 years. Thank you for keeping them available for me to order from you they have been GREAT!

Jennifermints@yahoo.com 2 years ago

Love my Spenco insoles. I'm flat footed. So these insoles give me arch support and keep me from having any hip or foot pain. I have a pair for all my working shoes. And I'm a nurse...i have lots of shoes!! :)

Rosekenny34 2 years ago

These were very helpful with my feet so I can walk for quite a while with no pain at all. The arch in the foot is helping me walk better and helps at work.

Jim Fehrenbacher 2 years ago

I have been using Spenco Arch Cushion Full Length Insoles for years. The first thing I do when I buy a new pair of running shoes is to take the insoles that come with the new shoes out and replace with a pair of Spenco Arch Cushion Full Length Insoles. They are the best insoles I have ever used.

Patty Grubb 2 years ago

I am more than pleased with the Arch Cushion Full Length. My doctor told me about them and provided me with a flyer marking the one I should get. I checked locally to buy them and no one carried this particular one, I ordered it and received it in excellent time. Thank you for being there.

Maureen 2 years ago

I like the quality and comfort of the Arch Cushion Full Length Spenco Insoles. Fits perfectly in my shoes.

el chente 2 years ago

Exactly what I wanted! Feels wonderful. I only wish I had had them BEFORE I bought 2 new pair of shoes. My lack of foresight. Oh well...

Hi Arch 2 years ago

This is a great insole for those with high arches who want a low profile insert. By 'low profile' I mean it allows your foot to ride low in your shoe. I find too many insoles are so thick that they cause my foot to ride high in the shoe. Despite their thinness, these insoles provide excellent shock absorption.

eastsidephoto 2 years ago

I have been wearing Spenco insoles for years. Because I am vegan and don't wear leather, often I have to buy lower quality footwear. I also have narrow feet with a high insole. Every year I invest in a few pairs of these insoles and they transform any shoe into a super comfortable, good supporting, great fitting shoe. I cannot say enough good things about this company's products.

Dori 2 years ago

Bought these for my boyfriend who does not like replacing footwear. He says cushions gave his boots a new life. He's thinking about buying a pair for each of his shoes.

George Golub 3 years ago

The arch cushion full length inserts are perfect for my needs. Good support, tight amount of cushioning.

unhappy 3 years ago

For the price, way to hard, and not comfortable

Patsy 3 years ago

I bought the full length ARCHCushions on a recommendation buy a REI associate to put in my shoes. I have plantar fasciitis w/very high arches, lots of pain! These cushions have been a life savor! I love them and no more pain. I need to buy more for all my shoes! Highly recommend them.

Monty 3 years ago

Hello. I purchased a pair of arch cushion full length. They really have made a difference. The pain and fatigue has been greatly reduced. I subsequently bought a pair of supreme slippers to wear around the house. Very comfortable. Excellent products and terrific value.

frank from Mount Olive,NC 3 years ago

My feet feel better than they have in months. And they seem to help my plantar problem. Thanks.

SFLocation 3 years ago

The arch support made all the difference. I even bought special shoes but they did not work. If you have plantar facilitis this will take the pain away. I would recommend it.

smokinjoe81 3 years ago

I have been wearing Spenco Arch support since 1999, when I stumbled on to a pair while hiking all over Vegas. Have been buying them ever since.

Andy 3 years ago

Got these on the recommendation from my doctor; ordered online directly, and received in a timely manner. Once I trimmed them to fit, they work great. Really helped reduce the pain I was experiencing.

jmsail Stamford, Ct 3 years ago

As an older runner my feet take a beating. These make my feet feel 10 times better. We have marble floors and these are absolutely essential. I had ankle surgery in 2012 and my Othopedist recommended Spenco to me and insists his patients use them.

ShoeLover 3 years ago

These insoles are extremely comfortable and last for years. Make any shoes a LOT more comfortable, and offer great support, even in sneakers.

vlosana 3 years ago

they have helped with the high arch problems that i am having they are a little bit too expensive

Suzy 4 years ago

These are now a must in my shoes. They do offer the arch support that I now need. Ordered on line and they arrived in no time! Worth the money.

Suzanne 4 years ago

I love the Arch Cushion supports. They are the best and I have worn them for years.

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