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Total Support® Gel

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Catalog No.:  46-300

Contoured GEL Cushioning
Most gel insoles are flat. Spenco Total Support® GEL Insoles feature the same proven contours as our best-selling Total Support® Insole. It’s The Shape That Feels Great® in a triple-density GEL format.

The Shape That Feels Great® 

For half sizes order the next size down.
For example, if you normally wear size 10.5, order a size 10.


• Deep Heel Cup
• Flexible Cradle
• 3-Pod™ System
• First Ray Drop Zone
• Metatarsal Dome
• Technical Topcloth
• Silpure Antimicrobial

Brooks 1 months ago

These are very comforting in my shoes and i was very skeptical but they are foot savers. They absorb weight and pressure well and my heels feel great now. They fit in good for 2 different types shoes i have. Be sure to remove prior insert before putting them in your shoes. I will definetly buy these again, they work great! Awesome products Spenco!

Jj96 2 months ago

I purchased these at the same time as I purchased the Total Support Max inserts, to compare the two. These are definitely more cushioned, but they don't provide enough support for me.

Jason 11 months ago

These are the same high quality as my Total Support Max, however, they are wayyyy softer in the arch. I wish these had the same arch support and I therefore feel like they are misleading in their name. They are NOT a gel version of the Total Support Max. My heels actually hurt after using these and had to go back to my other version.

Spenco Fan 1 years ago

Just the right replacement to orthodics I can no longer get. Very comfortable.

Madona1950 1 years ago

These give support but also are comfortable

bls21 1 years ago

these are the best insoles I have used yet. used to use polysorb heavyduty insoles. these are better still.

Behnaum00 1 years ago

Does the job, fair price.

mari-anne caron 1 years ago

they were okay, but I have a real serious left foot problem and saw 6 foot doctors and 5 just blew me off. These insolves would work 100% for someone with little or no feet trouble but in my case I may do better with a fake foot. I will hand onto them and maybe down the road they may help me. My foot problem goes back to 1960 over 56 years ago so I will probably have to suck it up. thanks- mcaron

jmess 1 years ago

I work construction so I am on my feet all day and these things are a life saver! I have a pair for my work boots as well as my sneakers.

Fccram1 1 years ago

I've bought Spenco insoles many times before. However, putting these insoles in my shoes made the shoes really tight on my feet. Usually a very nice insole yet this particular insole was just so so.

ebriones68 2 years ago

I bought them for ball of foot support. Not enough. Very low.

Dorothy 2 years ago

Like this product and keep purchasing it! Always arrives in it's great package and correct size and timely! Keep making this product! Thanks!

Fccram1 2 years ago

I bought these insoles for my new work shoes. They took a few days to adjust to my feet and I also trimmed a bit off the tip of the insoles, but overall, they're quite comfy and are well worth the price.

Bignarly 2 years ago

Awesome. 2nd pair. I'm in construction and they keep my feet comfortable all day. No aches pain even after work. Love them.

Sun City fan 2 years ago

Exactly what I was looking for

Attractstar 2 years ago

I buy them once a year with a new pair of Nike. I love the Gel Total support. Total Support Max were perfect for me too.

Chuck 2 years ago

Could use more padding for front of the foot. A little heavier than I am used to wearing.

alkath2 2 years ago

I bought these gel support to replace the heavy duty one because my feet were still hurting. While I work on cement all day I only get to sit down for 20 minutes a day in 8 hours. These gel support do help. My feet do not hurt as much so they are better.

Tawny 2 years ago

I have had serious foot pain since a recent operation on my big toe. With the GEL total support, my pain is gone...yeah!

Jackson 3 years ago

I found the product very good. The only problem was the size. My number is 9 1/2 so, the first one i bought men's 8-9 - too short the second one i bought was 10-11 - have to cut it so you should have 9-10.

Runbaby 3 years ago

I am so happy with my Spenco Gel Support insoles! They give me the right amount of cushion to make my run enjoyable. I couldn't run without them!

5milewalker 3 years ago

These are really good. Prior to getting these walking 5 miles on hard shopping mall floor sent the heels hurting. After these insoles my heels are as if I never went for a walk. My heels feel as good as new. Great product. Best 20 bucks ever spent.

Jerry 3 years ago

I had some serious foot surgery with 3 screws put in below my ankle. After getting back on my feet my doc recommended Spenco shoe inserts. I chose Gel Total Support and am very pleased with the comfort they provide. I recommend them highly.

buck 4 years ago

Enjoying the soft support of the Gel Total Support. They provide the support but are very easy on the feet.

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