Our Story

Started in 1967 by Dr. Wayman Spence, Spenco is an innovative company dedicated to creating science-based and clinically tested foot health products to reduce pain and increase mobility. 

From the founder's early foot health inventions like silicon gels for ulcer prevention to our current line of premium insoles, our goal is to provide solutions that improve physical activity and enhance everyday comfort, starting from the feet up. 

Spenco is part of Implus LLC, a dynamic company that focuses on active lifestyle accessories for both footcare and fitness. With a team of health professionals, athletes, and engineering experts, we create the most advanced sports medicine and first aid products that enable our consumers to improve their overall health and well-being. 

Our Footwear Insoles

Spenco experts continuously study the relationship between biomechanics and physical health to develop the best-in-class footcare solutions. As such, our insoles, inserts, and devices are the result of a comprehensive research and development process rooted in science.

Our Foot Blister Solutions

Our products are designed to reduce the likelihood of developing blisters on the feet, especially during activities like running, hiking, or prolonged periods of walking.  Our blister protection and prevention products aim to provide comfort, reduce friction, and protect your skin.

Our Philosophy

Spenco operates from the standpoint of Quality, Service, and Fair Dealings. These cornerstones guide our way of believing, protecting our way of thinking. These ideals refer specifically to how our corporation relates to our customers, our vendors, our shareholders and our employees. We hope you feel fortunate to be part of the Spenco Family. We strive to honor the diverse needs of all in our daily actions and we look forward to building trust through withexpert solutions, as well as expand our relationships with all of you.

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